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Map a Condeco group profile to external group

Create Condeco group profiles to apply explicit permissions to Condeco groups to the members of external groups by adding the Condeco groups to a profile and mapping external groups to the Condeco profile.

How to map a Condeco group profile to an external group

  1. Navigate to Advanced setup > External groups mapping to display your list of external groups.

If you do not see the External groups mapping menu item, you may need to enable it. Learn how

  1. Click the external group you wish to map to a Condeco group profile.
  1. On the external group’s page, tick the profile(s) to assign (map) to the group.
  1. Click Save.

When saved, the members of the external group can make and edit bookings, as per the permissions applied in the mapped Condeco group profile.

To unmap a Condeco group profile from an external group, reverse the process above.