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Token provider

The SCIM token provider endpoint is used to generate a valid token based on SCIM clientId and SCIM client secret.

To use the SCIM API endpoints discussed in this guide you need a bearer token. Below is an example of how to create the token.

POST "https://<CONDECO-TP-Domain>/api/V1/token"
Request body
Parameter Value Required Description
scimClientId 592233b043b744598d4eb0xxxxxxxxxxx True SCIM Client ID and SCIM Client Secret received at the time of On-boarding client
scimClientSecret YWM2ZGE5ZDAzMDYxNGU2MDk1NGUyYzxxxxxxxxxxx= True
grantType password True Must be equal to password.
tokenExpiry 84600 False
  • If not provided, by default its value will be 84600 seconds (24 hours).
  • If provided, the value should be a positive integer.
  • Value should be within the range (60 to 315,360,000) seconds i.e 1 min to 10 years.

Note: Token request body supports x-www-form-urlendcoded MIME type.

    "accessToken": "xxxxxxxxciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.xxxxxxxxOjE2MDQzODU2OTYsImV4cCI6MTYwNDQ3MDI5NiwiaXNzIjoiU0NJTUNvbmR
    "tokenType": "bearer",
    "expiresIn": 84599.0