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Condeco Presence

Integrate Condeco Presence with your occupancy sensors to automate reservation behavior in your workplace and provide accurate information about space availability and occupancy. Support agile working, and make space booking easier and more efficient for your employees.

Condeco Presence by Eptura, seamlessly integrates with your occupancy sensors to capture real-time active data, making sure space availability is based on actual usage.

What is an occupancy sensor?

An occupancy sensor is a device installed at a workspace or in a meeting space, that anonymously monitors for a presence within its vicinity. When a persistent or continuous presence is detected, for example, when a user sits at a desk for a defined period, the sensor can activate responses.

When integrated with Condeco, the sensor can activate a response to check in a booking or create an anonymous booking if a workspace or meeting space is not already pre-booked. In addition, when the sensor detects the space has been vacated, it can activate a response to release the booking.

Is any user data read or collected by the sensor? No. The sensor only detects movement within its vicinity, it does not collect or retain any information about the user or scan any form of identity card. When the sensor detects occupancy, it sends an action to Condeco which then manages the booking/check-in/release processes as per the organization’s Condeco booking policy.

Workspace Booking Automation illustration.png