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Condeco API endpoints

Five separate API collections containing several endpoints for integration purposes are available.
API Collection Description
CostCode Maintain cost codes across systems. The API enables cost codes to be added, updated and deleted from a third-party system, and also enables bulk uploads and deletions.
ExternalBooking Enables third-party systems to interact with Condeco bookings, for example, through an app or sensors.
HierarchyMapping Enables third-party IWMS and FM systems to pass FM data to Condeco. The third-party system acts as the primary and Condeco is controlled by the third-party system. Integration is possible with the following:
• Countries
• Groups
• Regions
• Locations
• Floors
• Rooms
• Desks
Vendor Enables integration with ticketing systems by returning all vendor items for a specified date.
Visitor Enables integration to external visitor management systems by providing visitor data and functionality.

A full list of available endpoints for the above collections is available on the Developers portal https://developer-portal.condecosoft...decodem0016adm