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Technical details

Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration

The Condeco and Eptura Workplace integration is built on a multi-tenant cloud architecture, enabling it to scale and adapt to the needs of different organizations. The multi-tenant cloud architecture also ensures that the solution is secure and reliable, with robust data management and backup capabilities. This integrated solution is being developed using Condeco and Eptura Workplace APIs. The diagram below illustrates the flow of Eptura Workplace building and space data into Condeco.

 architecture 02.png

Condeco's tenant management system (TMS) facilitates easy onboarding for customers and contains Condeco service information such as the Condeco base URL, Condeco API base URL and OCP keys, and the Eptura Workplace base URL.

The Eptura Cloud Operation team initiates the initial synchronization using Eptura Workplace APIs to begin the process. This process retrieves country, city/state, building, floor, and space data from Eptura Workplace and retains it in intermediate storage. Subsequently, the Condeco APIs map the location and resource data entities onto the Condeco database.

After the initial process, an automatic scheduler runs a provisioning task every 24 hours (or at the regular interval set by the customer) to ensure the data mapped from Eptura Workplace to Condeco are consistently maintained.