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Onboard process and initial synchronization

Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration

About the onboard process

To request the Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration, contact Eptura through your usual channels. Existing Condeco customers can raise a support ticket or contact their Eptura representative.

Supported environments: Customers implementing a new Condeco and/or Eptura Workplace environment can use the Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration, however, if both Condeco and Eptura Workplace are already implemented, the integration is not supported.

The onboarding processes for new Condeco customers and customers with an existing Condeco environment are outlined below.

New customers with no existing data in Condeco

If you do not have an existing Condeco environment populated with location and resource data, the following process is required once the integration is enabled:

  1. Download the Eptura Workplace space data template (XLS) file and enter your building information. Learn more about Eptura Workplace space data and download the template
  2.  Provide the completed Eptura Workplace space data file to the Condeco support team via the agreed method.
  3. The Condeco support team uploads your building data from the Eptura Workplace space data file to Eptura Workplace.
  4. When Eptura Workplace is propagated with your building data, you then add your space and space type information into Eptura Workplace.

Eptura Workplace 'we/me spaces' are synchronized to Condeco 'meeting space/personal space' resources and Eptura Workplace 'space types' are synchronized to Condeco 'workspace types'.

  1. The initial synchronization can then be activated by Eptura. Learn more about the initial synchronization
Existing Condeco customers

For existing Condeco customers, the Condeco location and resource data are merged into Eptura Workplace by Eptura.

The process involves extracting the location and resource data from Condeco and uploading it into the new Eptura Workplace environment, following the Eptura Workplace onboarding and manual/bulk upload procedures.

Once the data is uploaded to Eptura Workplace, an initial synchronization process is initiated. The synchronization process merges and maps the data from both systems. During the merging process, the entities are checked for existing entries in the Condeco database and a mapping is established between the unique primary ID in Eptura Workplace and the external ID in Condeco.

The merging process encompasses all Condeco entities, such as country, region, location, floor, and resource, ensuring the data remains consistent across both platforms.

Initial synchronization

When Eptura Workplace is populated with the required building and space information as noted above, Eptura activates the initial synchronization process to push all building and space data from Eptura Workplace to Condeco.

Learn how Eptura Workplace entities and fields are synchronized to Condeco

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Scheduled synchronization

After the initial synchronization is performed during the onboard process, a scheduled synchronization executes once a day to maintain continuity.

The synchronization state and data mappings are maintained by intermediate storage using external IDs, which are unique identifiers assigned to each record in both systems.

Learn how Eptura Workplace entities and fields are synchronized to Condeco

Synchronization failure management

In the event of a synchronization failure, the sync process is automatically restarted. In addition, the mapping state information from both systems is saved to the intermediate storage and utilized during the restarted synchronization. This ensures all changes to buildings or spaces made in Eptura Workplace are accurately reflected in Condeco locations and resources.

The integration is designed to handle high-load and high-performance scenarios, with a robust synchronization failure process that maintains continuity.