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Eptura Knowledge Center

Navigate around the Knowledge Center

Welcome to the Condeco knowledge center! Read on for some tips and tricks to get started and find the information you need quickly. 

About the Condeco knowledge center

When you first access the Condeco knowledge center, you will see the home page. Information on this page is categorized based on the type of user you are to help you easily drill down to the appropriate content. You may be an end-user who wants to learn how to use the Condeco tools, a day-to-day administrator who manages bookings, or a system admin or developer who needs technical information and instructions about configuring Condeco.

ckc 01.png
Condeco knowledge center home page

End-user Guides

You can navigate the end-user guides by the type of module you want to explore - meeting spaces or personal spaces, for example, and by product - Condeco mobile app, Condeco app for Microsoft Teams, etc. If you're new to Condeco or a particular product, head to the Getting Started section to learn how to install tools and to learn the basics.

ckc 02.png
Condeco guides for end-users

Inside a category, you'll find a handy index to quickly jump to the steps or module you need.

gif ckc 03.gif

On some pages,  you can click a main topic to see a more organized structure of the sub-topics.

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Breadcrumb Navigation

Once you have drilled down to the article level, you can easily return to the user guide by clicking the Back button in your browser or using the breadcrumb path at the top of each page. 

To return to a previous category, user guide, or article, simply click the corresponding breadcrumb (B). Alternatively, you can click the Folder button (Folder) button (A) to display a hierarchy of articles and categories, allowing you to quickly navigate to a specific location on the site. Use the Expand button (Expand) and Collapse button (Collapse) buttons to display or hide additional locations within the site.
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Index of categories

Quickly navigate to specific categories from the index at the bottom of each page.

gif Condeco KC lower index.gif


Use the Search field at the top of each page to quickly find what you need. Very soon, the search results will only show pages from the Condeco knowledge center, but for the moment, the search results show pages from all Eptura products. To filter the search results to only see results from Condeco, click the Location filter on the left and click Condeco. If you want, you can narrow down the search even further by selecting the article type/category you are looking for.

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Table of contents

On each article, you can expand a table of contents from the top right of the page (A). Use the table of contents to jump to sections on the page.

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