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External group mapping for SCIM

This guide is for customers who have deployed Condeco’s SCIM compliant API to communicate with SCIM compatible systems providing user identity information, such as Azure Active Directory. Read the introduction and prerequisites.


To manage which Condeco groups the members of external groups have access to, we use Condeco group profiles. Assign Condeco group(s) to a profile and then map external group(s) to the Condeco group profile.

External groups are imported from Azure Active Directory or another identity manager.

Add multiple Condeco groups from multiple locations to a Condeco group profile and set booking permissions for the external groups to the Condeco groups. This applies explicit permissions for the members of the external groups, to the workspaces managed by the Condeco group.

Before mapping external groups to Condeco, you must complete the tenant onboarding process for SCIM.