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FAQ - Occupancy sensors and Condeco

Occupancy sensors


  • Is any user data read or collected by the sensors?

    No. A sensor only detects movement within its vicinity, it does not collect or retain any information about the user or scan any form of identity card. When the sensor detects occupancy, it sends an action to Condeco which then manages the booking/check-in/release processes as per the organization’s Condeco booking policy.

  • How long after a user enters a monitored space will Condeco take action?

    It can take 2 to 3 minutes before an action is taken by Condeco. A sensor can take around 30 seconds to detect the user’s presence and then send the anonymous data to the sensor partner, and the Condeco sensor aggregator pulls telemetry data from the sensor partner system every 2 minutes.

  • Why is there a delay before an anonymous booking is created?

    The amount of time before an anonymous booking is created is dependent on the check-in window that is set for the group the personal space or meeting space resource is managed by.

  • What should I do if a sensor isn't working?

    Check the sensor status on the partner portal for more information. For hardware-related problems, contact the sensor vendor directly.