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Find a colleague


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Find a colleague

Find a colleague
Use Find a colleague to see where a colleague plans to work on a specific date (web app) or multiple dates (mobile app). If your colleague has a personal space booked,  view its location on a floor plan and book a workspace nearby.

You cannot find colleagues who have disabled status and personal space location visibility in their profile. Learn more about your in-office schedule and visibility settings

Find a colleague on a specific date using Condeco on the web

Find where a colleague is sitting on a specific date and book a space nearby using Condeco on the web. Use the Condeco mobile app when you want to find where a colleague is working on multiple dates Learn how to find a colleague from the Condeco mobile app

web find 01.png
    Find a colleague module on Condeco on the web

  1. Click Find a colleague from the left-hand menu.
  2. Enter your colleague’s first and/or last name and select the date you want to search.
  3. Click Find colleague and your colleague’s in-office status for the selected date is displayed under the search tool.
  4. If your colleague has a personal workspace booked on the selected date, a View button is displayed on the right. Click View to view the precise position of the workspace on the floor plan, indicated by a blue person icon.
  5. If you wish, click an available personal space on the floor plan to make a booking for yourself or someone else.

‘Other’ workspace types that are not places to work, such as a parking space or a locker, do not appear in the search results when finding colleagues

    Find a colleague and book a workspace nearby

Good to know

  • Work status: Unknown The status of colleagues who have chosen to hide their visibility is shown as Unknown in the Work status column.
  • Hide your visibility To learn how to hide your visibility, see In-office schedule and visibility settings
  • Which personal spaces are listed in the search results? If your colleague has a personal ‘workspace’ booked, such as a desk or office, (and they have not hidden their visibility) the location of the workspace is displayed. However, if they do not have a ‘workspace’ booked but have booked ‘other’ spaces such as a locker, parking space, or meeting space, the search results will show that they are in the office but the location of the resources is not displayed.
  • The message ‘You do not have access to the group’ is displayed The floor plan is only shown to users who have access to the group managing the personal space. If you do not have access to the group, a message is displayed.
  • The ‘View’ button is not displayed: The View button is only visible if your organization is using the Condeco booking solution for personal spaces and your colleague has an appropriate workspace booked on the selected date.

gif-web-find-a-colleague-module.gif    Finding a colleague and booking a workspace nearby

Find a colleague using the mobile app

mob find 01 part 1a.png
Find a colleague

To find a colleague, tap Your team (A) at the bottom of the screen and enter your colleague’s name in the search box (B). Tap the name in the search results (C) to view their in-office schedule for the next 5 weeks. If they have a workspace booked, the date of the booking is blue. Tap the date (D) to view the location of their booked workspace on the floor plan (E).

Book a personal space for yourself

When you've found your colleague, you can quickly book a space nearby. Tap a workspace on the floor plan to select a space for yourself. (F). Tap Book now (H) to book the personal space.

Drag the floor plan with your finger to move around the floor, and pinch to zoom in and out.

Learn more about making bookings from the Condeco mobile app

Learn more about finding colleagues and creating a team using the Condeco mobile app




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