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Best practices and recommendations

Occupancy sensors


To ensure the best experience and outcomes when integrating your sensors with Condeco, read the recommendations and best practices and peruse the FAQ.

  • PIN/RFID authentication for desk screens and room screens must be disabled to allow anonymous bookings via a sensor

    Authentication settings must be disabled to allow anonymous bookings to be made (or ended) when the sensor detects changes to the presence in an unbooked space. When authentication settings are enabled, the user must either enter a PIN or swipe their RFID card to complete actions such as creating, starting, or ending a booking. Authentication options are set in the desk booking screen and meeting room screen settings groups in the Device Hub Learn more about the Device Hub
  • Pairing multiple sensors to the same Condeco resource

    The number of sensors paired with a Condeco resource should not exceed the maximum capacity (occupancy) configured for the resource in the Condeco room settings, and when pairing sensors manually you are prevented from pairing more than this number. However, particular attention should be paid when pairing sensors via the bulk upload function as the number of paired sensors is not validated against the resource capacity setting, so it is possible to pair more than is necessary.

  • Considerations for Condeco group settings and booking rules

    The following booking and checking-in rules configured for Condeco groups can affect the expected outcomes:

    • Automatic check-in

      Automatic check-in behaviors can interfere with a sensor's ability to accurately detect occupancy so we recommend automatic check-in is disabled.

    • Check-in time period for personal space bookings

      If an anonymous booking is created by a sensor outside of the allowed check-in period for the personal space, the booking cannot check in or check out. Make sure the allowed check-in period captures all working hours to ensure successful monitoring activities by the sensors.

    • Bumping bookings not checked in during the check-in period

      Two outcomes are possible when bump is enabled for bookings that are not checked in within the allowed time frame. Either the booking is bumped by Condeco when the user does not check in during the check-in period, or, the sensor checks out the booking when a presence is not detected in the space. When bump is not enabled, a check-out due to non-occupancy is entirely managed by the sensor.

    • Restricted groups

      Resources monitored by sensors must not be managed by Restricted groups. Restricted groups do not allow anonymous bookings to be created.