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Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration

Centrally manage your location and resource information with the Condeco and Eptura Workplace integration. New and existing Condeco customers can implement Eptura Workplace to manage location and resource information, and then automatically synchronize that data to Condeco. 

About the Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration

The Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration is designed for customers implementing a new Condeco or Eptura Workplace environment. It enables building and space data to be created and managed in Eptura Workplace and new and updated information to be synchronized to the associated Condeco locations and resources. This allows locations and resources to be centrally managed in Eptura Workplace and new and updated data automatically reflected in Condeco, helping to minimize errors and increase overall efficiency.

Supported environments: Customers implementing a new Condeco and/or Eptura Workplace environment can use the Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration, however, if both Condeco and Eptura Workplace are already implemented, the integration is not supported.

Buildings and locations: The Eptura Workplace country, city, building, and floor fields are mapped to the Condeco country, region, location, and floor fields, and when a new country is automatically created in Condeco following a sync from Eptura Workplace, a default group is also created.

Which Eptura Workplace buildings are synchronized to Condeco and which are not?

  • Buildings in Eptura Workplace with at least one associated reservation center are synchronized from Eptura Workplace to Condeco.
  • Buildings without any associated reservation centers are not synchronized. 

Caution: If all associated reservation centers are removed from a building, the corresponding Condeco location is closed, along with all floors and resources. All future bookings for the resources are canceled.


Spaces and resources: Eptura Workplace Me spaces are synchronized to Condeco personal space resources and Eptura Workplace We/Soft spaces are synchronized to Condeco meeting space resources.

Space types and workspace types: Eptura Workplace space types are synchronized to Condeco workspace types. A space type configured as a Me space group, is synchronized to a Condeco Workspace type for personal spaces and a space type configured as a We or Soft group, is synchronized to a Condeco Workspace type for meeting spaces.

Parking spaces: Eptura Workplace spaces categorized as 'Parking' are synchronized to Condeco personal space resources and assigned to an 'Other' workspace type.

Which Eptura Workplace spaces are synchronized to Condeco?

  • Only spaces configured as 'reservable' are synchronized from Eptura Workplace to Condeco.

Caution: If the reservable status of a space in Eptura Workplace is subsequently set to false, the corresponding space in Condeco is closed and all future bookings for the resource are cancelled.

If Eptura Workplace does not provide the data required by Condeco, it is automatically calculated to establish logical connections between the two systems.

Learn more about the synchronization process and what is synchronized

How to launch Eptura Workplace from Condeco

To switch to Eptura Workplace from Condeco on the web, click the apps button (four squares) on the far right of the menu bar and select Eptura Workplace Workspace Management.

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Getting started 

To enable the integration, contact the Condeco support team or your usual Eptura representative.