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Equipment, Location, Vehicle - Where Did They Go?

Equipment, Location, Vehicle - Where are they now?

You may be wondering where Equipment, Vehicles, and Locations went. In Hippo, you had a separate grid for each of these items. In the new Eptura Asset program, you have a one stop shop where all these items can be viewed and managed - The Asset Module.




All your Equipment, Locations, and Vehicles are now referred to as 'Assets' in the new Eptura Asset program.

To view Asset details, select any Asset appearing on the list view.



From the Asset Screen you will see:

  • Maintenance Plans the Asset is associated to
  • Asset Usage and total expenses
  • Work Order History
  • Recent Key Dates

This page is the heart of the program, from here you will be able to view and update Asset details. Visit our Viewing and Updating Asset details article for more information.