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Set Up and Scan BarCodes

Access complete asset information on the go

Using the scan function on the bottom menu, you can:

  1. Access asset information
  2. Associate a barcode with an asset

Access asset information

For assets already associated with barcodes in Hippo, you can quickly view an asset's information by scanning its barcode with the app.

To access an asset's information:

  1. Tap Scan
    The phone's camera launches. The first time you use Scan, the app asks you for permission to access the smartphone's camera
  2. Centre the barcode in the camera frame, as if you were going to take its picture 

Associate a barcode with an asset

There are two ways to use the app to associate barcodes with assets.

To associate an asset to a barcode from the bottom menu: 

  1. Tap Scan and scan the barcode
  2. The app asks you if you want to associate it with an asset. 
  3. Tap Yes
  4.  When the Search Asset screen opens, tap the asset you want associated with the asset

To associate an asset to a barcode from the Edit Asset screen.

  1. Tap Assets on the bottom menu
  2. Tap Edit in the top-right corner
  3. Tap Scancodes
  4. Tap Create Barcode

The asset and barcode are now associated in Hippo.