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Vehicle Fuel

Learn about the Vehicle Fuel grid.


This guide shows a User how to add vehicle fuel information to the Hippo.


Fuel Amount: Fuel Amount is the quantity of fuel in liters or gallons required to fill a vehicle tank.

Fuel Cost: Fuel Cost is the cost to fill the fuel tank for a vehicle.


  1. To add new vehicle fuel details, access the Facility Admin panel and open the Vehicle Fuel grid.
  2. Click on the New Icon (+) located in the top right corner and an empty row appears at the top of the Vehicle fuel grid.
  3. Click in the “Vehicle” field to select the name of the vehicle from a drop-down menu for which the vehicle fuel information will be entered.
  4. Click in the “Odometer” field to enter the odometer reading of the vehicle.
  5. Click in the “Fuel Amount” field to enter the amount of fuel in liters or gallons.
  6. Click in the “Fuel Cost” field to enter the cost of the fuel amount.