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Get Up and Running Quickly, Efficiently

Here are a few tips on how to go live and roll out your CMMS while avoiding common problems

Implementation can be a challenge for some companies, but Hippo's always here to help you avoid the common pitfalls.

The usual suspects

Companies can get tripped up for different reasons, but these are the ones we see most often.

  • Overall lack of preparation, and the team's not ready to use the software
  • Unreasonable expectation that the software is a magic bullet that's going to solve everything, right away
  • Zero or insufficient IT support

Let's go through the steps you can take to avoid the pitfalls.

Come prepared

First, confirm that your team has basic computer skills. They can't learn new software if they don't know how to use a computer at all. Second, set aside enough time for them to learn the new software. They can't learn it overnight. There's always a learning phase, and you need to allow time for it. The right training, though, makes it as short as possible.

During the learning phase, it's helpful to go slow, working your way up. Start by establishing workflows so everyone knows their role. The team can log in and practice before going live. By looking at what's working, and what's not, you can make changes early on.  

Have realistic expectations

CMMS is a tool for streamlining current processes. It is not a new strategy. You apply strategies through the software. Although many processes are automated, including generating PMs and reminders, you must tell the software what to do before it can do it for you.

Start by defining what you want to achieve, and then learn how to set this up in the software. During your implementation, it is important to ensure that everything is set up in a way that you understand. That way, there are no surprises during roll-out.

Your CMMS is not magical. It can't do everything for you. But it can make tasks much easier, and it can even help eliminate inefficiencies in your current workflows.

Establish IT support

Without some IT know-how, it can be tough to solve issues that make it difficult for you to access and use the CMMS. These can include poor network connections, uncooperative firewalls, and outdated browsers. A competent IT team helps eliminate many of these barriers during implementation and once you go live. They understand how your Hippo database is set up and can diagnose any internal network or infrastructure issues.

Hippo is always here to help. We want you to succeed. Whether you need support, extra training, or have any questions about how your database is set up, feel free to reach out.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the conversation window or at