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How Do I Close a Work Order?


How do I close a Work Order?

When closing a Work Order, the goal is to move the Work Order to a Completed status, which can be done by selecting  COMPLETED 



However, we do suggest adding the Labor and Notes to the Work Order prior to changing the status to Completed.


Adding Labor to a Work Order


To Add Labor to a Work Order, perform the following:

  1. Select the Labor icon clipboard_e4cf9c5c70fafb6abd380e879cfa76fa7.png
  2. The assigned contact will appear by default. To add another contact, select clipboard_e7d2a4309470002dc969374b89f6fe879.png
    • To change the assigned contact, select a new contact in the assigned field
  3. Add the amount of Labor Hours
  4. Select clipboard_e101b4aae6d0890abd2c35a98ba543ea8.png


Adding Notes to a Work Order


To add notes to a Work Order, perform the following:

  1. Select the Notes icon clipboard_efed1b298888f2f3e0826dc90569f8bfb.png
  2. Select clipboard_ed94e508c4a8d2f317c1446c78d9d2951.png
  3. Type your note into the text box
  4. Select clipboard_e8db5c612ad241ddb8fdf396dc76b746b.png



Once notes and labor hours have been added to the Work Order, you can now proceed with completing the work order.


Note: To select a different status, select the arrow beside the completed button to view other options.