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Reports - Inventory

Learn about the Reports - Inventory

This guide will show a User how to run an Inventory Report. Inventory Report provides the User information on all the parts stored in the database. A User can run this report at the Enterprise Level or Facility Level. If a User runs the inventory report at the enterprise level, the User will see a report of parts for all the facilities while the inventory report run at the facility level will give the User information on parts for just that facility.


At/Below Min. Qty Only: This allows a User to see a list of all the parts that are at/below minimum quantity only.


  1. To run a report, click on “Reports” on the Admin panel on the left at Enterprise Level or Facility Level. If a User runs the report at the facility level, vehicles can also be filtered through, whereas the report at Enterprise Level will provide the User information per facility.
  2. Click on the “Inventory” tab.
  3. Apply the filters on the report as required.
    1. Check off “At/Below Min. Qty. Only” if just a list of parts that are at/below minimum quantity is to be viewed.
    2. Make use of the “Qty. on Hand must be at least” field if the user wants to see a report on parts that above a certain value.
    3. A User can also filter through Part Number, Work Categories, Part Types, Equipment Models and Equipment Model Types as required.
  4. Once a User has applied all the filters, click on “Generate Report” icon located in the top right corner to see the Inventory Report.
    1. The generated report will give the User details on parts as well as the value of the total parts.
    2. If a User runs a report by checking off “At/Below Min. Qty. Only”, the report will give the User information on quantity to order and order cost.
  5. If there is a report that a User runs regularly, the User can set it up to be emailed to the User on regular basis. Apply all the required filters and click on the “+” icon located in the top right corner. Give this report a Name and click on “OK”.
    1. Upon clicking “OK”, the report will show up at the top under the list of saved reports. Click on “Schedule” to set up the schedule for the report. A User can set up a Weekly or Monthly Schedule.
    2. Add the email addresses of the people that the User wants to send this report.
    3. A User can copy the report, export it into CSV, Excel or PDF format and print it if required.