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Request Portal - How do I set up the Request Portal?

Portal Setup

Creating a request from the portal is as easy as going to the portal address and completing the form, without the need to log in. However, if you would like to secure the request portal, the option to require a log in is available.

To retrieve the URL to your request portal, navigate to SETTINGS > TOOLS AND SUPPORT > PORTAL



From this page you will find the URL, which can be selected to navigate to the portal or copied to clipboard as demonstrated above.



A couple notable options in the portal settings:



  1. Portal Type
    • By default, the portal will be Open Forms meaning a log in is not required to access the portal to create a request. To require a log in just as Hippo did, select Secured.
  2. Portal Enabled
    • Ensure this option is set to On, otherwise the portal will not be accessible for requests

See the Settings Guide for further information on the portal settings.