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System Admin Permissions

Learn about the System Admin Permissions.


System Admin Permission is the top most level permission that a Hippo user can have. A System Admin user has access to extra grids of information such as Global Settings, Categories and Types, and Extracts. On these grids, decisions can be made that will affect the whole program. Typically, only a few users have this permission, and can only be given by a pre-existing System Admin User.


System Admin: A User of Hippo that has the highest level of permissions to the program.


Any System Admin user will have a checkmark next to the “System Admin” permission in their Edit Permission form. This Permission is found on the Enterprise page, under the General subcategory. The Edit Permission form is accessible by clicking “Edit” next to a user name on the Users grid. Note: If permission is being given to another user, make sure to click on the “OK” button at the bottom of the Edit Permission form, then click on “Save” at the very top right corner of the screen.