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Basic Submitter

Learn about the Basic Submitter

This article covers the interaction of Basic Submitter with Hippo database. You will learn how to log into your Hippo database and submit work orders.


Basic Submitter: A User of Hippo that has very minimal permissions to the program and is not a Resource (maintenance tech).


Note: It is important to mention that a Basic Submitter is a User of Hippo with permission settings have been customized by an Admin User from their organization and not Hippo. This guide has been written based on suggested Basic Submitter permissions, so results may vary.

  1. To log into Hippo, you must have the following requirements:
    • Internet Connection
    • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Opera as your browser
  2. To login, you must access the login page. There are 2 login pages. One is for Canadian Users and the other is for US Users. They are as follows:
    Some Canadian client's login page:
    Some CDN, USA, or In't login page:
  3. The next step to log into Hippo is to enter in your login credentials.
    • User ID: Your User ID is specific to you and will be provided to you by the System Admin at your organization.
    • Password: Default password is “password”

Note: The User ID is not case sensitive but the password is. You can also check the “Remember me for this computer” if you would like your browser to store this information.

  1. Once you have logged in, you can change your password by accessing the Support and Feedback menu, and clicking on the Change Password link. Once you have clicked “Change Password”, you will be prompted to enter your Current Password and New Password.
  2. Click on the “Submit Work Order” form located on the top left corner of the screen to submit a work order.
  3. The required fields are outlined in red on the work order form. These fields must be filled in before you will be able to submit the work order. The following fields are required:
    • Work Order Name: Name your work order. We usually recommend the following format: Location or Equipment or Vehicle + Issue.

ER Blood Pressure Machine Not Charging

Women’s Restroom Light Bulb Burnt Out

  • Type: The work order type selected from this the Type dropdown menu will determine whether you can associate a location, piece of equipment or a vehicle to the work order. If the work order requires a service to be done to a location, you should select location as the type. If the work order requires a service to be done to a piece of equipment, you should select Equipment as the type and type Vehicle for work order to be submitted for a vehicle.
  • Location, Equipment or Vehicle: Depending on what type you picked, you will have different options available to assist in finding the location, equipment or vehicle you are looking for.

If you selected Location, you can use the “Find Location By Floor Plan” drop down filter or “Find Location By Keyword” field to find the location you are looking for.

If you selected Equipment, you can find the equipment by Floor Plan, Model Type or Asset ID.

If you selected Vehicle, you can find the vehicle by clicking in the vehicle drop down.

Once you have selected your filters, click on the Location, Equipment or Vehicle drop down and then click on the item you are looking for. Once it has been added, it will appear in the box below.

  • Description: The description field is where you describe what the issue is in detail. Be as detailed as possible to reduce the need for added communication by other means.

  1. Once you have filled out all the required fields, click on the submit button to initiate the work order.
  2. You can also fill out the other optional fields on the work order form as needed.