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Eptura Knowledge Center

Log In - How Do I?

Logging In

To log in to the Eptura Asset program, please find your Client ID and type the following into the URL of your browser: clipboard_ed715081d7577b67fe168ebb6dc96af70.png

Please be sure to replace "clientid" with your appropriate Client ID. Consult your admin or Customer Success Manager if you are unsure of your ClientID.

Once you are at the log in page, type in your Username and Password and select   LOG IN  .

LOG IN.gif

Upon successful log in, you will be redirected to the Dashboard.


Note: If you have not done so already, a password reset can be requested by selecting "Forgot Password?" below the   LOG IN    button. If you do not receive a password reset email, please reach out to your account admin to ensure the correct email address is associated to your user account.