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Printing Starts Settings


A System Admin User can decide if a work order will automatically be switched to “In Progress” status if printed. This is the default in the Hippo system. This setting can be removed so that printing a work order will not change the status.


Printing Start Setting: to determine if a work order will change status once initially printed


  1. On the Global Settings grid, in the “Setting” column, look for “printing starts work order” and notice the check in the box under the “Value” column. If a user would like the work order status to change to “In Progress” if printed, keep the check in the box.
  2. To remove this setting, click on the checkmark in the box.

Note: No check means that the status of a work order will not change if the work order is printed.

  1. Hit the “Save” button found in the top right corner.
  2. Log out of the Hippo system, then log back into Hippo, or click on the “Refresh” icon. This will adjust the system and will apply to all work orders.