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Navigate from Enterprise to Facility Level to Find Your Details

Where does Hippo keep your details? Find your Facility Admin data or lists of equipment, locations, and scheduled work orders.

A frequently asked question is "Where can I find my data?" 

It is common to see Users trying to access data at the Enterprise level because it's the first thing Users see when they log in, but Hippo has two levels.

  1. Enterprise: First screen that Users see after they log in. Provides an overview of the facilities and is Used by a System Admin for top-level decision-making 
  2. Facility: Shows information and work orders related to the facility

Access to each level is dependent on every User's permissions. Generally, an administrator would be able to see all the features. If you need access to these features, start a conversation with us from the conversation icon on the bottom right corner of this screen. If you would like to make use of interactive floor plans, consider booking a meeting with a customer success adviser here.

The best practice to get to your facility level is to click on the Overview Box, located on the right side of the screen when you first log in.

First gif.gif

For those clients that have the Advanced Dashboard, optionally you can click on the small circular dot found in the main display area of your screen:

second gif.gif

Once at the facility level, your data is located under the Facility Admin panel found on the left-hand side of the screen. To expand the panel, click on "Facility Admin".

third gif.gif

You can now click on any of the grids under Facility Admin to add, edit, or delete data. For example, click on the "Equipment " panel to view your master equipment list within Hippo or add any new assets to Hippo.