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PMs - How do they generate?


How do my PMs generate?

Once a PM reaches maturity, the PM will be "Ready for Work" meaning that the time has come to generate a Preventive Work Order. This can be done by selecting  clipboard_e8bf2d8d96c9f517fa2c9e2180fd3d75c.png which will generate work for all PMs that are ready.


By following the method above, a Work Order will generate for all PMs ready for work. However, you may want to view more detail regarding the work being generated. To do so, click on the PM and the PM details will appear.


This menu will allow you to Adjust PM Progress for when the PM is due, add an Assigned Contact, track PM History of when the PM was last generated, and view tasks associated to the PM. To generate the PM, select Create Work Order.

Where is the Generate Now button?

To generate a one time PM, this can be done from the Work Orders module and selecting Preventive as the Work Type.

If you would like to force generate a PM ahead of time prior to maturity, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the check box next to the PM you would like to generate work for. You can select one, or multiple.
  2. Select clipboard_e36235d793c8eb27bfa3ce2c560e1506f.png next to the PMs Ready button
  3. Select Generate Work
  4. Select Yes



You have now successfully generated a Preventive Work Order.