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Requests - How do I Create and Manage Requests?

Where did all the Requests go?

To view all Requests, navigate to the Requests module.



From this page, all Active Requests will appear. To view the details of a request, simply click on a row from the table and it will open up the request details for that request.



The details of the request will include:

  • Request ID
    • Automatically populated upon creation of request. Can be used to search for request
  • Subject
    • Purpose of request submitted by requester
  • Asset
    • The associated Equipment, Location or Vehicle
  • Entity
    • Formerly known as Facility (See Terminology Index)
  • Date Submitted
    • Date when the request was created
  • Priority
    • Urgency of the request
  • Requested By
    • Name of the Requester
  • Assigned
    • Contact responsible for approving the request
  • Date Closed
    • Date the request is closed
  • Origin
    • Displays where the request originated from (Email/Portal/in-app)
  • Alt Phone #
    • Phone number entered by Requester
  • Issue Description
    • Description of issue/work being requested
  • Notes
  • Attachments


Creating a New Request from the Request Module

To create an in-app  Request, navigate to REQUESTS > NEW REQUESTS and the New Work Request form will appear.



Fill in all required fields along with any additional information and select  clipboard_ee083ada06d3fd585f6766b8f580afd5e.png . Your new request will now be available in the Request Management screen.