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Keep Your Data Clean with Multiple Facilities

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let Other Departments Love Hippo, Too

Ready to share the benefits of Hippo with other departments?

People across your organization use the locations and equipment you maintain. And that means they can also use Hippo to organize and track their work. And by setting them up in Hippo as their own facilities, you keep all their data separate. That means more visibility and less clutter for everyone.

More visibility

Take IT, for example. They might be looking after the more technical systems and industrial Internet of Things devices that help keep everything up and running. Once set up as their own facility in Hippo, there's more visibility on their separate costs for labor and parts. In fact, every department gets its own KPI Dashboard. Now they can see how well they're doing at a glance, without having to first pull out unrelated data. But when the organization needs to see the big picture, you can still run combined reports on overall spending and efficiency.

Less clutter

Setting up the custodial and grounds department in Hippo cuts clutter for everyone. The maintenance department doesn't need to know when the grass is going to get cut or which building is slated for a new coat of paint. At the same time, they don't need to worry about when maintenance is going to do the annual check on the boiler. When you have everyone all together in the software, there's a certain amount of wading through unrelated work orders. But when each department is separate, people only see what matters to them.

Easy implementation

The best part is that a lot of the work has already been done. As soon as you start, you're halfway there. Most of the data you'll need is already in Hippo. And a lot of people in other departments have experience with Hippo. They're already using it to submit requests. And Hippo's industry-leading Customer Success team is always here to help.  

First step

We know this solution works because customers are using it and seeing real benefits. Reach out to the Customer Success team so we can talk more about getting your organization set up.