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Eptura Knowledge Center

Features List

Quick descriptions of main features

Barcode Scanning
Use the Scan function in the bottom menu to scan barcodes and open associated View Asset screens. When the app doesn't recognize a barcode, it offers to associate it with an existing piece of equipment. 

Note: You can also assign barcodes to assets from the Edit Asset screen.

Track Time
Start the built-in timer when you begin a task, and stop it when you're done. Times are rounded to the nearest minute and then converted to hours. For example, 14M22S is rounded down to 14 minutes, and appears as .25 in the work order.

Offline Data Sync
Complete all your work in the app without connecting to the Internet. Edit work orders, create assets, and add time. When your phone reconnects to the internet, the app asks you if you want to sync your data. 

Search Anything Feature
Quickly find work orders and assets with the search bar at the top of the screen.

Create and Complete Work Orders
View, edit, and submit work orders. See all tasks and resources from the Actions tab, and close work orders out the same way you do in the desktop version: edit the work order and update the status to completed.

Note: You can also take photos directly on your smartphone and upload them to work orders. 

View Asset Information
Create, view, and edit equipment, locations, and vehicle data.


A Resource will receive a notification once his or her name has been associated with a work order. Notifications will also display for any work order that is open with time tracker active or pending online syncing.