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Depreciation Module

Learn about the Depreciation Module.


This allows the System Admin User to decide if users may calculate Depreciation Reports by Purchase Date or Install Date.


Depreciation Calculation Type: the date which your depreciation reports are based on - either Purchase Date or Install Date

Depreciation Module: a calculated method to determine the decrease in value of an asset over several years or a lifetime


Note: The “Depreciation Reports” is an optional module that must be enabled in a Hippo program on the Global Settings grid for Depreciation Reports to work. Depreciation Reports are calculated using the Straight Line Method.

  1. Double click in the Value column, next to “depreciation module calculation type”.
  2. Then click on the dropdown menu arrow to select either Purchase Date or Install date. Users will use this data type to establish the form of Depreciation Reports.
  3. Click on the “Date Name” and it will automatically become visible in the Value column.
  4. Click on the “Save” button located in the top right corner of the grid screen.
    This date or calculation type has been set and can be used on the Equipment grid, of any Facility Admin.