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Basic Navigation

Learn about the basic navigation to Hippo or how to move around.


After reading these instructions you will learn where to locate some features and how to navigate between the Enterprise and Facility levels.


When you first log in to Hippo, the opening screen is called the "Enterprise" page.

The "Enterprise" page gives you access to facilities.

Note the "Dashboard View" icons located at the top of the screen. The white icon will tell you which "Dashboard" you are currently using or the type you have access to.


Main panels to Hippo are always located on the left-hand side. The panels you see depend on your permission settings.


For the Standard Dashboard, click on the name of the facility in the list or the overview box on the right to enter a facility.


For Advanced Dashboard, click on the facility dots plotted on the "Enterprise" screen or the facility overview boxes on right to enter a facility.


The Facility name appears in the top left corner of the screen after the Enterprise Name. This helps you determine what level you are at in Hippo.


When at a facility level, click on the "Facility Admin" panel on the left to see the details or data stored for that facility. By clicking on a panel, you open a grid. If you click on “Locations”, the "Locations" grid opens. It shows all the locations stored in your facility. Click on “Equipment” to see a list of all assets to your facility.


The control buttons on all grids are always located in the top right corner of your screen. These control buttons can be used to add, delete, save information, and close the grid based on what permissions you have. For example, to close a grid you must click on the Close (X) button located in the top right corner.


Notice the Display Settings icon on the grid. Click on the icon to open the "Table Settings" pop-up window.


Click and drag the names of the columns to the order of which you want them to display on the grid. Do not forget to hit the "Apply" button to keep your settings. You can hit "Cancel" to just close the "Table Settings" window.


Click on “Enterprise” in the breadcrumb trail in the top left corner to go back to the Enterprise level.