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Hippo CMMS Release Notes 2019

View a complete list of new features and bug fixes within the year.

Released on Dec 16, 2019

What's New in 6.3.19

Do More with Resources

We added features to time tracking for resources, so you can now keep track of a resource's hours more efficiently. When logging resource hours on desktop or mobile, you can now add a start date in addition to time and type of labor.

You can now add a resource's detailed hours when submitting a new demand work order. If you add hours to the resource, your work order's status is In Progress after you submit it. The payoff: you can now submit a work order and log time all with one click.

Additional improvements: 

  • you can add one or more resources when submitting a work order.  
  • if the equipment being transferred is the only piece of equipment on a work order, the resource's hours are left untouched and the overtime hours are added to regular hours.
  • But if the equipment being transferred is not the only piece of equipment on a work order, the work order is duplicated to the new facility, the resource's hours are not duplicated, and the overtime rates are removed.

Do More with Parts

When managing parts, you can now copy a part to either the same or a different facility. But be careful; parts in the same facility can't have the same name.  When you copy a part to another facility, the associations and part type are not included. 

Also added:

  • Design changes to Resources on Mobile and Desktop to make everything look better.
  • Enhancements and documentation to Work Order API to make integrations go faster. 

Issues fixed in 6.3.19

  • Parts Grid no longer shows the 2nd page as the default view. 
  • Calendar was not loading when the app was translated, but it does now.

Users can no longer change facilities on open work orders in Mobile.

Released on October 10, 2019

What’s New in 6.3.18

We added functions and updates to the Associated Work Order. Now you can:

  • associate an existing work order to a new demand work order. There's a search field to help you find the existing work order, and can select batches
  • link an existing work order to an existing. You can also create a new Associated Work Order and link to it
  • remove an Associated Work Order, with the ability to add it back later We continued our work on the Purchase Order Beta. Now:
  • by default, the Purchase Order grid filters using pending approval and approved status
  • the grid sorts by descending purchase order IDs.
  • everything looks nicer 

If you would like to join our beta program and try out the Purchase Order Module, register here.

We also added:

  • SSO users logging in for the first time now have Work Order Request permissions so that they can start creating requests immediately
  • Phone number can now be added to Work Order Requests. You can now search for them on the Work Order Request grid.
  • Enabled/Disable file upload is available for the Mobile site

Enhancements and documentation to Work Order, Asset, and Parts Service APIs

Issues Fixed in 6.3.18

Reported issues we tackled to help everything run more smoothly.

  • When viewing a completed Work Order that had invoices removed, you no longer see the deleted invoices
  • A fix was made to the Work Category drop-down menu on the Demand Work Order screen. The menu now includes Work Categories
  • Estimated Effort minutes are now included on the Calendar for PM work orders that have not been generated 
  • The Set Default View now works for Standard View Only users  

Released on October 2, 2019

What’s New in 6.3.17

  • Just like the User, Location and Equipment grid, when creating a new Part there is a convenient pop up to add all the information about your part instead of scrolling across the grid.  
  • You can view the part by using the View icon and you can edit the part by using the Edit icon on the left side of grid.
  • Parts can now be transferred between facilities.  Check off the part on the grid and click on the double arrow Transfer icon in the action column.  A pop up will come up asking you what facility and amount you want transfer.
  • If you need to create a new Part Type, simply enter the Part Type name into the Part Type field and you will be prompted to add. Click on 'Add' and your new Part Type is created.  When transferring a part, the app will create the Part Type in the target facility if it does not exist.
  • Table Settings allows you to customize the Parts Grid to your needs.  Hide column you don't wish to see or moves columns in any order you wish.
  • Parts Grid can still be searched, sorted and filtered.

We made changes to the KPI Resource labour hours.

  • Resource labour hours will now display in 2 decimals.  
  • This now matches how resource labour hours are displayed in Reports.

Hippo is now supporting Brazilian Portuguese 

Work Order Request can now be submitted without an email.

Email field on submit Work Order Request is no longer mandatory

And we added:

  • Enhancements and documentation to Work Order, Asset and Parts Service APIs
  • Performance enhancements to Mobile Parts

Issues Fixed in 6.3.17

Reported issues we tackled to help everything run more smoothly.

  • Equipment reported down will now record the down time in local time not UCT.
  • Search location field in Submit Work Order is now searching correctly.
  • Equipment Grid search fields will once again allow the user to search '&' character.
  • If a user has their browser set to an unsupported language, the login page will no longer try to translate the text.
  • 'In Progress' work orders that are due today will no longer appear on the Work Order Search grid when filtering Overdue.
  • The company name will now print on the Purchase Order print out.
  • On Mobile Calendar, the Work Order Status filter is now working as expected.
  • KPI Equipment Completed Work Orders will now show top 10 equipment with most completed WO. This feature is so that you can easily see what equipment is having the most break downs.
  • Scheduled Work Orders with multiple one time PM schedules was not allowing a new One Time schedule to be created.  This has been fixed to allow you to use the One Time feature.

Release July 16, 2019

Issues Fixed in 6.3.13

The following are issues reported by customer and addressed in this release: 

  • The Cancel transfer pop up in Equipment to be Received grid is now standardized
  • When a User is deleted, there is now a message to indicate if the deletion was successful or not 
  • In Receive Equipment pop up, the Equipment Model drop down is now in alphabetical order 
  • In Receive Equipment, all Work Order History was showing.  A fix has been made to only show open Work Orders 
  • Drop downs in various areas where not showing all the items available.  This is no longer an issue 
  • Equipment to be Received button is working again 
  • Performance improvements made to Maintenance History Reports 
  • Resources with View Own permissions can see results on Work Order Search grid
  • Location category can now be un-selected 
  • Estimated Cost was not retained after the Work Order was completed.  This is now fixed 
  • Various improvements to icons on the Grids were implemented
  • Spelling and capitalization errors across the software were fixed

Released May 22, 2019

What's New in

  • The Beta version of Purchase Orders is now being tested by selected Users. To signup to the beta testing, please click here.
  • Download and print options have been added, as well as an improved workflow for rejecting and approving Purchase Orders.
  • Various improvements and additions to APIs were implemented. to see our updated API documentation, please click here.
  • Setting up integration with Zapier was continued and improved.
  • Each KPI control will now show a loading spinner while they are loading.
  • New navigation bar was added to the bottom of the Standard Dashboard, Users, Location and Equipment grids .
  • Calendar improvements were made to the Standard Dashboard and KPI Dashboard.  Users can use pre-selected date ranges, or select a custom range. 
  • The size of the thumbnails in Equipment, Location and Vehicle details screen were increased.
  • Improvements to the default and maximum widths in the Facility Standard Dashboard were implemented.

Issues Fixed in 

These are the customer-reported issues addressed in this release:

  • Performance improvements have been made to Maintenance History Reports. Maintenance History Reports are running considerably faster. Speed increase is more noticeable for large client databases. 
  • Adding a URL reference to Equipment Models will no longer cause Internet Explorer to crash. 
  • Parts associated to equipment will no longer show on the Maintenance History report if the quantity used is zero. 
  • User can no longer delete a location while it is assigned to a piece of equipment. 
  • Edit permission window will now show comparison permissions when selecting multiple users or facilities. 
  • A fix has been made to All Open Statuses on the KPI dashboard. 
  • When deleting an Equipment, there will now be a message to indicate why the delete failed for example if the equipment is attached to a work order. 
  • A style change was made to News pop up. 
  • Improvements to the user experience when using Save and Print in a work order were implemented. User will be able to sign before the print screen opens. 
  • Signatures will also now show on the printed work order. 
  • A fix has been made to the Scroll bar in Global Settings. 
  • Users can now change Sub Enterprise name.  

Released April 22, 2019

What's New in

  • The Beta version of Purchase Orders is now being tested by selected Users. Soon Users will be able to track purchase orders for inventory and spare parts.
  • Hippo APIs are now available. You can view a list of APIs and their features on
  • Started setting up integration with Zapier. Subscribe users to WOR events (submitted) and Users can also customize the type of message they want to receive
  • CMMS Requester User can now access their Work Order History
  • CMMS Mobile Users can now submit Work Order Requests
  • Resources will now show in Maintenance History Report
  • Future PM now has a Due Date Field
  • Equipment Grid now has an Export to CSV
  • All the buttons within the App and Mobile have been Standardized
  • Icon improvements made to User Grid
  • Visual improvements made to the Quick Filter in Standard View and KPI View
  • Waiting for Parts color is now gray

Issues Fixed in

These are the customer-reported issues addressed in

  • Work Order Request History Grid column titles are now centered
  • Title for Report Equipment up/down popup is now centered
  • Dropdowns in Work Order Request are now in alphabetical order
  • Association Column in Scheduled Work Order Grid will now sort
  • Subcategory field will now auto-populate when creating an Associated Work Order
  • Dropdowns in Reports should not be automatically selected
  • Browser Language English (Canada) was causing inconsistencies in Calendar View
  • Resources will now show only once in the KPI Dashboard
  • Scroll bar to access the Grids will now render when using the Track-pad on a laptop
  • Tool Tip was missing from Submit Work Order
  • Next Schedule dates were incorrect for daily floating schedules
  • The mandatory field in Facility Grid is now highlighted when creating a new Facility
  • Issue resolved with Parts image transferring
  • Issue resolved with the scroll bar in the Equipment screen
  • Future Drag and Drop PM’s will now generate when move to today's date
  • Rejected PM’s will no longer be counted as PM’s Completed on Time in a Maintenance History Report
  • Issue resolved with Equipment Icon from a floor plan that displays current work orders for that equipment and location type Work Orders
  • Associated Location will now delete when a Floor Plan is deleted
  • Name of Work Order was missing from Current Work Order in View Vehicle
  • Issue resolved with Facility name remaining on Submit Work Order form after submitting the Work Order
  • Issue resolved with some Work Order Requests missing User information
  • Proper warning created to warn Users that Equipment Models must have Equipment associated

Released March 8, 2019

What's New in 6.3.10

  • Visual improvements and new KPIs were added to the KPI Dashboard. (To find the KPI Dashboard, click on the Graph icon on the top righthand side of the screen)
  • All Work Orders KPI will summarize all completed PM’s and Demand work orders
  • Resources KPI that will highlight how many work orders were completed and labor hours
  • Equipment Down Time KPI will track how long a piece of equipment has been down
  • Equipment Work Order KPI is used to highlight the top 10 pieces of equipment with the most Work Orders
  • Equipment Cost KPI will show the sum of costs for labor, parts cost, and invoices
  • Visual improvements were made to KPI Date Picker, Completed PM KPI, Completed Demands KPI, and All Open Statuses KPI
  • New buttons for ‘Keep’ and ‘Reject’ in Equipment to be Received
  • Increased Security around login process
  • New message in Calendar, “The Calendar Dashboard currently displays Work Orders only 1 year in advance. See asset details screen for next scheduled work order.”
  • Visual improvements were made to the Quick Filters in the Standard Dashboard
  • Work Order Template will now allow 500 characters in the Task name field
  • Removed an unnecessary warning message
  • Changed ‘Load/Unload’ to ‘Show/Hide’ in View Location, Equipment, and Vehicle.
  • ! Icon was missing on Work Orders when equipment is reported down
  • Icons for collapsing/expanding the left and right side panels in Manage Maps were rearranged
  • Dropdowns in Submit Work Order will now close when tab your click to a different field

Issues Fixed in 6.3.10

These are the customer-reported issues addressed in 6.3.10

  • Mobile report equipment down now displays a date.
  • Mobile Work orders are not loading from the calendar.
  • When creating a new Contact at the Enterprise level, the ‘Facility’ column will now automatically fill in the facilities that Company has been associated to. 
  • Equipment downtime is now showing in local time instead of UCT.
  • Removed ‘Facility’ column in Facility level Documents Grid.
  • The search bar in the work order view was saving the values entered.
  • Future PMs will no longer show on the Calendar when ‘Overdue’ is filtered. 
  • Removed ‘true’ from asset ID field in create new equipment modal. This field should not be pre-filled
  • Search in facility User Grid is no longer case sensitive.
  • Removed Schedule Work Order warning informing the calendar only generates new dates one year in advance. 

Released Jan. 29, 2019

What's New in 6.3.9

Release 6.3.9 is a major release and is already in effect for all customers systems that were previously on version 6.3.8.

This section lists all the new features introduced by this release. The Feature ID is identified in bold.

  • For Users who have permissions to Manage Work Order Requests (WOR), you can now see WOR History for your facility. Using the ‘Status’ column will allow you to filter through the WORs, defaulting to Pending Review. Users can also export this information using the CVS button. (WOR-158)
  • When using the Work Order Search grid, you will see that some Work Order Status’ are pre-checked. This includes: Not Started, Overdue, On Hold, In Progress, Waiting for Quote, Waiting for Invoice, Pending Review, Waiting for Parts.  (HV6-4199)
  • Users can now add hyperlinks to Equipment and Equipment Models. By adding the hyperlink to the description field in Equipment and Equipment Model, you can see/use the hyperlink in the Equipment detail screen. (HV6-4200)
  • Enterprise Facility Level Dashboard has been changed to our new React Grid. Users can change the display of the grid but using the Display Settings in the bottom left corner.  (HV6-4357)

Enhancements and Addressed Issues

This section lists all the new enhancements and main defects that affect the end-user and are now resolved with this release. Defect ID is identified in bold.

  • Documentation for File Storage Service (HV6-3901)
  • We have added a message to Schedule Work Order edit screen. Note: Calendar only generates new dates one year in advance. (HV6-4350)
  • Standardized the color green and red throughout the app (HV6-4358, HV6-4360)
  • Plotted facilities list in Manage Maps was displaying the wrong facility name. Plotted facilities list should display the ‘Short Name’ (HV6-238)
  • Work Order Form – Work Category drop-down in Parts section is now in alphabetical order. (HV6-2554)
  • In Mobile Calendar, the ‘Assigned Resource’ drop down was empty. (HV6-2736)
  • Print view of work order said ‘Requested by’ instead of ‘Contact’ (HV6-2764)
  • Removed the ‘Error Summary’ tooltip was removed from Save and Print button on an open work order (HV6-2770)
  • Text edit made to Equipment Models and Calendar in Mobile. (HV6-3133, HV6-4313)
  • Text edit made to Equipment down time calendar (HV6-3964)
  • Calendar Filters had an issue with alignment (HV6-4078)
  • Facility name is not being displayed in Enterprise Contact Grid (HV6-4196)
  • Calendar Dashboard will not load after you print a Work Order (HV6-4320)
  • Trash Icon for Upload picture in open Work Order was disabled (HV6-4237)
  • Receive Equipment screen ‘Cancel’ and ‘Receive’ buttons were in the wrong order (HV6-4352)
  • ‘Type’ column in Schedule Work Order will only search complete words. (HV6-4239)
  • Expand arrows on Plot Section, Plot Location, Plot Equipment Grid was in the wrong place (HV6-4393, HV6-4395, HV6-4396) 

Released Jan. 8, 2019

What's New in 6.3.8

Release 6.3.8 is a major release and is already in effect for all customers' systems that were previously on version 6.3.7.

  • Standard View Facility View now has a quick filter to show ‘My Work’ or ‘My Team’. This feature filters using ‘Work Categories’. (HV6-4115)
  • On Desktop as well as in Mobile, you can now generate a PM work order from the next Scheduled PM, visible on the Equipment Details Screen. Simply click ‘Generate Now’ to generate a PM for one Asset or all Assets. This includes Location, Equipment and Vehicle (HV6-4048, HV6-4309)
  • Electronic Signatures have been added to Work Orders when the Work Order is completed. The signature is saved in the Documents section of the Work Order. (HV6-3945)
  • We replaced the old Standard View Facility Level grid with our newly created Grid. This Grid will now behave the same as User and Equipment Grid. You can customize the Grid to your needs by hiding, reordering, or resizing columns. You can achieve this by using the Display Settings button in the bottom left corner. (HV6-3556, HV6- 3702, HV6-2271)
  • In preparation for a Purchase Order feature, Purchase Order Permissions have been added in Global Settings. (HV6-4041, HV6-4042)
  • Work Order Request form now supports .pdf, .doc, .docx files (WOR-146)
  • Enhancements and preparation for API and App integrations (WOR-77)
  • A new column has been added to the Standard View Facility Level. This column will help identify a Work Order that is Critical. (HV6-3343)
  • When creating a new Work Order, you can choose to see all Resources even if they are not in the Work Category. In the Resource drop-down, click Show All. (HV6-4114)
  • The login page will now remember the state of the user name and password fields to reflect the most recent method of authentication. (HV6-3573)

Enhancements and Addressed Issues

This section lists all the new enhancements and main defects that affects the end-user and are now resolved with this release. 

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Generator Improvements:

  • Faster loading time
  • Calendar Drag and Drop improvements
  • No wait time when altering a PM Schedule
  • API Endpoints for PM Schedules and Generation

(HV6-3953, HV6-3954, HV6-3949, HV6-3956)

  • The email address field is no longer mandatory in the Work Order Request form (HV6-4050)
  • When the User is viewing the Equipment Detail Screen, they can now see the Equipment model image and ID tags from URL. (HV6-4051)
  • Renamed Email Categories to Work Categories (HV6-4113)
  • In Submit Work Order, renamed ‘Save & Print’ button to ‘Submit & Print’ (HV6-4335, HV6-4290)
  • Added File API documentation (HV6-3901)
  • Performance Improvements (HV6-2660)
  • In Standard View, filter drop down is showing floor plans twice (HV6-3515)
  • User could not delete inactive vehicles. A change as made to allow inactive vehicles to be deleted. (HV6-3873)
  • Login flow was inconsistent. You are now only required to push secure login once. (HV6-3925)
  • On Mobile, reject and approve Work Order Requests behavior was not consistent. (WOR-140)