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Hippo CMMS Release Notes 2020

View a complete list of new features and bug fixes within the year.

Released on Dec 15, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.59

  • Completing a Work Order with parts is not updating the Quantity on Hand
  • Monthly Scheduled Reports for western hemisphere time zone users are showing up blank
  • Resource emails are not going out when assigning a resource to an existing Work Order

Released on Dec 8, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.58

  • PM's without active schedules are generating
  • Unable to delete Parts from open Work Order

Released on Dec 1, 2020

What's New in 6.3.57

Edit Completed Work Order

  • This is a permission based feature
  • If the User has the Edit Complete Work Order permission, when they open a Completed Work Order they will see an Edit button at the bottom in place of the Save button.
  • Click here to learn more about Edit Completed Work Orders

Activity Log

  • This is a permission based feature
  • If the User has permissions to Activity Log, it will be found at the bottom of the Work Order underneath Associated Work Order drop down.
  • Click here to learn more about Activity Log

Issues fixed in 6.3.57

  • When completing a Work Order from Not Started status, the Start Date is missing. This also fixes an issue when printing a Completed Work Order that doesn't have a start date. The Print timestamp was being set as the Start Date.
  • Work Order Request history grid is displaying the wrong status after the Work Order has been completed.
  • Manage Work Order Request permissions should allow the Requester to approve Work Orders.
  • Edits will not save on a Work Order that have reschedule date

Released on Nov 24, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.56


  • Location name is missing from email body
  • Work Orders completed on their due date are displaying as overdue
  • Resources that have been deleted are not displaying on closed Work Orders
  • Work Order Documents are not marked private and are displaying on Enterprise Document grid
  • Deleting a User who has open Work Orders is preventing Status Update emails from sending

Released on Nov 17, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.55


  • Work Orders with Task attachments can not be edited/saved
  • Items are missing from Purchase Orders when submitted with the same Type, Name, Cost, Qty and Total, but the description is different.
  • Meter based schedules can not be deleted

Released on Nov 11, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.54


  • Labor Hours are not saving if the User leaves the field blank. The field will now save correctly when the field is left blank.
  • Adding Estimated Effort on the Submit Work Order form after a Resource was selected, is resetting the resource section.
  • Current Work Order Extracts is showing incorrect data for Resource hours.
  • Drag and Drop feature on the Calendar is placing the Work Orders on the date prior to what was chosen.

Mobile App:

  • Scan Codes added to Equipment through the App are not saving to the View Equipment Grid on the Desktop

Released on Nov 03, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.53


  • Selecting a Work Category on the Work Order modal removed information in the Resource section

Mobile App:

  • Resource Permissions

Released on Oct 27, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.52


  • Refreshing issue in the Parts column on the Location Grid
  • Can not sort Equipment Grid by Install Date
  • Users who does not have View All Work Order or View Own Work Order permissions are able to View All Work Orders on the Standard Dash
  • Work Order Resource emails
  • PM status update emails
  • Work Order Request emails

Mobile App:

  • Editing a Work Order is deleting Resource hours
  • Due Date on Work Order is not respecting the Due Date set in Global Settings

Released on Oct 20, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.51


  • Saving the Work Order form is recalculating the due date

Mobile App:

  • Users with Modify Own permissions can not update Work Order status
  • Work Orders are displaying badges on the Parts sections when there are no Parts associated to the Work Order.
  • Reschedule date is not displaying on the Work Order is the Work Order has been rescheduled

Released on Oct 13, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.50


  • Spec link in the View Equipment Modal is not working
  • Rescheduling PMs does not update the Due Date
  • Unable to save PO# to the invoice section

Mobile App:

  • Charge Category can not be selected on the app when adding an invoice

Released on Oct 6, 2020

What's New in 6.3.49

Scheduled Work Order now has Hourly PM's option.

  • There is a new Hourly option on the Edit Schedule Module
  • PM will generate within 3 minutes of the scheduled hour
  • You cannot reschedule (drag/drop) from the Calendar


Click here to learn more about Hourly PMs.

Issues fixed in 6.3.49

  • Saturday work orders not appearing on weekly reports
  • Remove semicolon from Phone Number field on Work Orders
  • Company is not saving to a Work Order
  • Cannot complete Tasks on a Mobile Web Work Order
  • Unable to set Completed Date
  • Update By information is not saving correctly
  • Work Order with large Tasks list have the Tasks delete if user saves the Work Order before it fully loads
  • Printed Work Order is displaying deleted Resource hour entries
  • Marking Equipment down in the APP is not reflecting on Desktop

Releases 6.3.47 and 6.3.48 

Small back end fixes

Released on Sept 8, 2020

What's New in 6.3.46

On Demand Work Orders, Critical now a Priority option.

  • Critical is the last option in the Priority drop-down and the Critical toggle has been removed.
  • For existing work orders that have both a Critical and a Priority, the Priority should default to Critical.
  • The critical column has been removed from the Facility Standard Grid


Issues fixed in 6.3.45


  • One Time PM will not generate when there is already has a valid schedule.
  • Work Order Search Due Date is not returning the correct results.
  • Maintenance History Report is showing a large number in the Days Late column for Work Orders with no due dates.
  • Error on resuming floating daily PM's.
  • Error message when opening Requester permissions.
  • 'Add Parts' list on Transfer Parts pop up is not in alphabetical order
  • Permission error for Demand Templates at Facility level for non-admin users.

Mobile App:

  • Status change not always saving. 

Released on Sept 1, 2020

What's New in 6.3.45

Work Order Link on Email Notification

  • There is now a Work Order Link on the Email notification a user receives from Hippo.
  • If the User is logged in, they will be taken directly to view the Work Order.
  • If the User is not logged in, they will be redirected to the the login screen. After successfully login in, they can view the Work Order.

Issues fixed in 6.3.45

  • Decimal issue with Resource hours
  • Adding multiple Documents to equipment breaks the previous document link in View Equipment Modal

Released on August 26, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.44

  • Reports are blank when a week schedule is added
  • Daily completed date range not working on Maintenance History Report
  • Resource hours deleting when character goes over limit in Comment section

Release 6.3.43 

Small back end fixes

Released on August 11, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.42

  • Editing equipment fails when the equipment has a scan code
  • Part Number parameter ignored when fetching parts via API

Release 6.3.41 

Small back end fixes

Released on June 21, 2020

What's New in 6.3.40

Ideas Portal

  • Users can register to our Hippo Ideas Portal via the Support and Feedback, Feedback panel
  • Create new ideas for the software, vote on other suggestions, and receive emails when any status changes or comments are made to your idea.

To learn more about our Hippo Ideas Portal click here

Release 6.3.39

A few back-end issues fixed.

Released on June 30, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.38

  • Maintenance History Reports will now run using a Due Date range
  • Maintenance History Reports will now display correctly when the browser is set to a different language

Release for 6.3.36 and 6.3.37

A few issues fixed on the back end

Released on June 9, 2020

What's new in 6.3.35

Reports timestamp

  • Timestamp on Reports will reflect the local time for the client who ran the report instead of UCT.
  • This change will be on Enterprise and Facility level. Current Work Order Report, Maintenance History Report, and Inventory Reports.

Released on June 2, 2020

What's New in 6.3.34

Work Order Tasks Comments

  • User can now add comments to Work Order Tasks on PM's and Demands created from a Demand Template
  • There will be a red badge to indicate the number of comments on a Task
  • Comments will appear in order from newest to oldest
  • Edited comments will appear with (edited) and a date/time stamp will be added


Work Order Tasks Attachments

  • User can now add attachments to Work Order Tasks on PM's and Demands created from a Demand Template
  • User can click on file icon and the attachment will open in a separate tab
  • There will be a red badge to indicate the number of attachments on a Task
  • User can drag & drop file into section or click Browse to navigate for the file and upload it. User must Save work order to complete file upload.


To learn more about the WO Tasks Comments and Attachments feature click here.

Release 6.3.33

A few back end fixed for our API.

Released on April 16, 2020

What's New in 6.3.31

Play/Pause Scheduled Work Orders

During this uncertain time, you may find that you need to stop your PMs to prevent them from piling up.  We have added a feature where you can now pause your PM and resume when you are ready to start generating them once again.


  • A user will have the ability to select any number of PM’s on the grid then click the Pause/Play icon in the upper right corner 
  • A Pause/Play Confirmation window will appear when the Pause/Play button is clicked.  The window will allow to Pause or Play the selected PMs
  • A Paused PM will no longer generate, and is indicated with a red pause icon
  • If a PM has no active schedule, this will be indicated by a yellow exclamation icon next the PM name.


  • When a Paused PM is put into Play, the PM will resume its schedule.
  • Ungenerated Work Orders will be removed from the calendar if the schedule is paused.  Once the schedule is resumed, they will appear once again on the calendar.
  • When a PM is paused, ‘Generate Now’ from Scheduled Work Order grid on the View Equipment Modal will be removed.
  • Next Schedule Date is empty when PM is Paused, and will recalculate and displayed when the PM is resumed.

Learn the How-To of the Play/Pause PM feature here.

Manage Account Page

There is a new Manage Account page for Users with the permission to view and manage their accounts. This page is accessible to from the Enterprise Admin panel. 

Learn more about the Manage Account page here.

Released on April 15, 2020

What's New in 6.3.30

Introducing the Requester Grid!

The Requester grid allows you to easily identify the Requesters compared to the CMMS Users in your system. Requester no longer show on the Users grid.


  • Adding a Requester will be done from the Requester grid on a simplified version of the Edit Permission page.  There are fewer permissions and fields to fill out.
  • Editing Requester information can also be done from the Requester grid.  As long as you have the correct permission to do so. 
  • Learn more about the new Requester feature by clicking here.

Released on April 7, 2020

Issues fixed in 6.3.29

  • A fix has been made to remove the fetching PM error pop up on the calendar
  • A user can now remove the end date on a PM schedule
  • Completing a Work Order on its due date will no longer show up as overdue on the KPI dashboard 

Released on March 31, 2020

What's New in 6.3.28

Copy Demand or Scheduled Work Order Templates

  • Users with the correct Work Order Templates permissions can now copy a Demand or Scheduled Work Order Template.


From the Demand WO Template grid or Scheduled WO Template grid (Enterprise Admin level) click on the Add button.  On the Create Work Order Template window, click in the circle next to From Template. Click on the drop-down list then select the template name previously entered, that you wish to copy. Click on OK.  From there, you are directed back to the grid where you are required to enter a unique name for your new template. You can then edit other columns of information as needed.  Do not forget to hit the Save button in the top right corner. 


Templates help save time entering work order details.

Issues fixed in 6.3.28

  • A fix as been made to unify Modify Due Date, Modify Estimated Effort and Modify Estimated Cost permissions.
    • If a user does not have these permissions while creating a Work Order, they will not see these features.  Modify Estimated Effort will be read-only if the user applies a Demand Work Order Template.
    • If the user has these permissions while creating a Work Order, they will see all three features and they will be editable.
  • A fix was made to the Copy Model button in the Receive Equipment modal

Released on March 24, 2020

What's New in 6.3.27

  • Invoice and Parts sections on a Work Order will now have a count to make it easy to see if there are invoices or parts associated to the Work Order.


  • Via the Location Detail screen and Vehicle Detail screen, users can now sort the columns alphabetically or numerically by clicking on the column names on the Work Order History table.


  • Estimated Effort can now be added to Demand Work Order Templates.  This field will be exactly like the Estimated Effort field on Scheduled Work Order Templates.


  • Users are now able to associate multiple documents to a piece of equipment. The documents must be added on the Equipment grid. Users can click on the image icon on the Equipment grid to view the document, or view multiple documents from the Equipment Detail screen. 


  • When a user applies a Demand Work Order template when approving a Work Order Request, the documents from the Request will not be deleted.  The Work Order will show the documents from the Demand Work Order template as well as the Work Order Request.

Issues fixed in 6.3.27

  • Work Orders completed on their due dates will no longer display as Over Due on Reports
  • Fix made to Resource permissions. 

Released on March 17, 2020

What's New in 6.3.26

  • Estimated Effort can now be added to Demand Work Orders.  This will work the exact same way as Estimated Effort on PM Work Orders.
  • Users can create URL links for Work Orders.  When the user clicks on the link, they will be redirected to the login page. After logging in, the Work Order will be loaded.

Purchase Order Permissions

Four new facility-level permissions have been added surrounding Purchase Order email notifications.  These permission are found under Facility (General) - Receive Email Notifications.

  • My Purchase Order Submissions - App will send an email to a user who has this permission enabled when they submit a purchase order.
  • My Purchase Order Updates - App will send an email to a user who has this permission enabled, when any of the following updates are made to a purchase order they have submitted:  Status change, addition or removal of line items, quantity changes for line items and changes to descriptions.
  • All Purchase Order Submissions - App will send an email to a user who has this permission enabled, when any purchase order is submitted.
  • All Purchase Order Updates - App will send an email to a user who has this permission enabled, when any of the following updates are made to any purchase: Status change, addition or removal of line items, quantity changes for line items and changes to descriptions.

Issues fixed in 6.3.26

Demand Templates can now have the same name as Scheduled Templates

Released on March 10, 2020

What's New in 6.3.25

Transfer Multiple Parts

  • When the Batch Transfer icon is clicked, the new Transfer Parts pop-up window opens. This allows you to select multiple parts from the drop-down list.
  • The User selects the facility to transfer the parts to and is required to enter the amount of each part they need to transfer.  A user can not transfer more then what is recorded in the "Quantity on Hand" column.


Transferring multiple parts to one facility just got easier!

Demand Work Order Templates

  • The new Demand Work Order Templates can be found under the Enterprise Admin panel. The new Demand Work Order grid can be sorted and searched. 


Click the Add icon to create a Demand work order template!

  • A user with Enterprise permissions of Work Order Template can view/add/edit/delete both Demand and PM work order templates. 

Note: The Name of the work order should be different to any Scheduled Work order template name (for now).

  • Any user who can create demand work orders can use the templates when creating a Demand work order.
  • A template can be applied to a Demand work order through the Submit Work Order form. The Select Template icon is location beside the "Work Order Name" field.


Any User with Work Order Template permissions can click the Select Template icon to apply to a new Submit Work order form!

  • The template will over-ride any previous information entered in Name, Work Category, Tasks, and Documents.  Any descriptions from the template will be added to the description already entered on the submit work order form.

Purchase Order

  • Users can now view Work Order ID column on the CSV report that is run from the Purchase Order grid.
  • Users can now view Purchase Order ID column on the CSV report that is run from the Purchase Order grid.

Issues fixed in 6.3.25

  • Completed status for Work Order Request has been removed
  • Document hyperlinks will now open the document on Work Orders

Released on March 5, 2020

What's New in 6.3.24

  • Users with permissions for Facilities can now select time zones on the Facility grid.
  • For users who manage Work Order Requests, there is a count in the Facility Summary Box on the right hand side of the screen.  This count displays how many Work Order Requests are in pending review status and only displays at Enterprise Level.
  • For users who manage Work Order Requests, there is a new column on the Enterprise Grid (Standard View).  This column will display how many Work Order Requests are in pending review status for each facility. 

Purchase Order Beta can now be partially received! 

  • When a user clicks the receive button on an approved Purchase Order, the app will display a Receive Purchase Order pop up. A user can partially receive parts on the Purchase Order using this pop up
  • The app will prevent a user from entering a value greater then what was ordered or already received
  • The user can choose to click the 'Receive All' button in this pop up to receive all the parts ordered
  • When a user saves a received or partially received Purchase Order, the app will update QOH of the parts that a user received
  • Users viewing a partially received Purchase Order, can view the history of the parts ordered by clicking the small information icon in the Quantity Received column.  
  • The app will allow a user to complete an approved Purchase Order that is received or partially received
  • If the Purchase Order status is received, the app will not allow a user to update the status to rejected
  • Completed Purchase Order can be seen on the Purchase Order grid. The user can sort and filter.

Issues fixed in 6.3.24

  • Tasks can once again be re-arranged
  • Issue with image uploading in Manage Maps has been resolved

Released on February 25, 2020

What's New in 6.3.23

  • The User Grid will now display a Mobile Phone column on the grid, which will search and sort.  The column can be removed and re-arranged via Table Setting.
  • Total Estimated Effort can now be viewed on the Calendar Dashboard by Month, Week, or Day. This is located beside the calendar header.
  • Estimated Effort will now be displayed in a consistent format.  Estimated Effort will now displayed in hours rather then minutes.


Issues fixed in 6.3.23

  • Equipment Model Types will now show in both Enterprise and Facility level.
  • Performance issues addressed for loading work orders.
  • Tasks characters remaining count will now show the number of characters remaining instead of the number of characters used. 

Released on February 05, 2020

What's New in 6.3.21

  • Work Order History table columns via Equipment Details Screen can now be sorted.  This means you can click on the Work order History column names to sort through content.
  • A new Associated Work Order will carry Facility, Work Category, Type and Associations information from the original Work Order. This means that the original ticket details will already be entered in the new associated demand work order form.

Released on January 29, 2020

What's New in 6.3.20

We added more features to the Purchase Order Beta.

  • The Submit Purchase Order modal has an expandable Shipping and Billing section, located under the Items section.
  • When a purchase order has been approved, you can email it to the supplier. When you click Send&Save, the purchase order downloads as a PDF and your default email automatically opens up. You can save the PDF on your computer and attach to email.
  • System Admin users with access to Global Settings can set the prefix for the Purchase Order ID using a maximum of three alpha characters, or they can set the ID with a number.
  • The Items section in the Purchase Order modal is collapsible, which helps you clear up onscreen clutter.

Issues fixed in 6.3.20

We tackled reported issues, and now:

  • Parts grid columns can be resized and the Cost column in the Parts grid can be sorted.
  • Columns in the Work Order grid in the Asset Preview modal can be sorted.
  • Requesters with access to view floor plans can't create demand work orders.
  • Job hazards generate on PM work orders.
  • iOS users can see their work orders on the mobile calendar.
  • Used parts display on the work order after it's closed out.
  • Export to CSV button on the Equipment Grid exports all the equipment in the grid.
  • The tasks field in the Schedule Work Order grid no longer shows an error if you enter more than 500 characters. Instead, there's a 500-character limit.
  • Table setting in the Parts Grid saves across logins.
  • ID and Name columns in the Asset Preview modal can be sorted.