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How to Schedule Seasonal PMs

Learn about How to Schedule Seasonal PMs.

Some equipment, locations, and vehicles may require extra attention during the year. You can include these activities in your Preventive Maintenance (PM) strategy. Shoveling the snow, mowing the lawn, and raking the leaves are examples of Seasonal Scheduled Work Orders.

How to set up Seasonal PMs

The initial steps are similar to the ones for setting up a regular calendar-based PM (, and we have a detailed article about it here). 

Step 1
Go to the Scheduled Work Orders grid (Facility Admin) and create a new calendar-based PM. Click the Schedule column.

Step 2
Click Add to set up the desired schedule.


Step 3
Select the Seasonally option and then select the days and months for the PM. Keep End Date blank if you want it to happen every year on the selected dates. In this example (for snow removal), we want it to happen daily from November to April. (I'm in central Canada, so trust me, I'm being optimistic). Click Validate to confirm the scheduling and then OK to go back to the grid. 

Don't forget to hit Save in the top-right corner before leaving the Scheduled Work Orders grid.