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How to Attach a Document to any Open Work Order on Hippo Desktop

Learn about How to Attach a Document to any Open Work Order on Hippo Desktop.


This guide will instruct a User on How to attach a file to any open Demand or Scheduled Work Order. 

Document: a type of file that stores information such as a manual or image.
Expiration Date: An Expiration Date can be assigned to Documents in cases where there are documents associated with Companies or Contractors that have important renewal dates. Please note that the maximum file size is 30Mb.


  1. From any Open work order scroll down till you see the Documents field and click on the (Plus) + icon.
    Attach a file or invoice.gif
    This action will open the Attach Documents form. 
    • Name – Type in the name of the document
    • Description – Type in a description of the document
    • Expiration date – optional to select a date that the document will expire

You now have two attachment options:

  1. Click in the circle next to Web Page, then add the URL to the blank field.
  2. Click in the circle next to Online Document, then click on the upload icon and select the file from your desktop computer.
    • Click on OK to save details.

Don't forget to save your work order. 

Note: If you click on the drop-down arrow in the Documents field of a work order you may see a list of already loaded files in Hippo. If you don't we suggest that you add these files, so that your Users can quickly add and often needed files.

Check out the below link to learn more: 

Add A Document