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How to View Equipment Downtime on a Report

Hippo Maintenance History report allows you to see since when an asset has been reported down or a total amount of downtime history.

Hippo suggests a two-step procedure when reporting any equipment down. 1. Create a Demand work order. 2. Report the equipment down. Learn more here. Keep reading to learn how to see a report with all your asset downtime history.


  1. From the Enterprise level or Facility level, click on the Reports panel.
  2. Click on the Maintenance History tab.
  3. Filter the information you are searching for, such as a certain piece of Equipment, Equipment Model, or Type.

Note: The less you select, the greater the report results. For example, run a report with only Completed Date Frame and it will include all fields of information.

  1. Hit the Generate Report icon in the top right and a new tab will open with results.
  2. Scroll through your report and locate the Equipment table. Notice the Downtime column for a history total and the Down Since column for actively down equipment.

Watch our gif below with all the steps.