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2024 June Proxyclick Product Release

June's release includes:

Visitor Types Enhancement - Beta Release

Beta Release June 6th

Visitor types offer the flexibility to create personalized experiences for specific visitor types like guests, contractors, visiting employees, and customers. This will let you send out customized email notifications by visitor type. For example, guests can receive detailed directions or parking instructions, while visiting employees can be sent information about accessing the building. Contractors, on the other hand, can receive safety guidelines, project-specific details, and checklists of required documents. Learn more in Set up the Visitor Types and Create a Single Visit.

Express your interest in our limited Beta Program to test the new visitor types before its official launch. Your feedback through a brief survey will help in refining this feature.  

Participation is subject to selection by our team.

Condeco Check-in with Access Control Integration

General availability June 6th

Provides automatic workspace check-in, reliable data capture, and enhanced analytics, addressing the problem of reservation data not being an accurate indicator for occupancy and utilization due to employees not booking spaces or checking into workstations upon arrival.

The integration between Condeco and Eptura Visitor utilizes badge swipe data at the point of building entry to accurately track employee presence, check them into their reserved workspaces, and provide real-time occupancy and utilization analytics.

Learn more in Condeco Check-in with Access Control.

Archibus and Proxyclick Integration

General availability June 6th

Archibus customers can now integrate their solution with Proxyclick. Integrating Archibus with Proxyclick enables customers to secure their buildings and simplify the visitor experience. Employees can add visitors via Microsoft Outlook to initiate the visitor workflow, enabling external attendees to pre-register for their visit.

Learn more in the Archibus System Help at Archibus + Proxyclick Integration.

General Maintenance

Released June 6th

  • Some mobile numbers in Oman with the series starting with +968 or +77 where showing as invalid. This has been fixed.