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Make sure your assistant receives notifications


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Make sure your assistant receives notifications

Why define a personal assistant?

A personal assistant is a user in the system who will receive the check-in/check-out notifications simultaneously to you.

How to set up a Personal Assistant

Step 1: Assign the user you will be linked to

To assign your assistant or to become an assistant to someone else in your company, you can go to Manage Profile from the top right corner menu:


From there, you will be able to assign your assistant or set yourself as the assistant of someone else in your company:


The person you are linking yourself to needs to be a user of the system. If their name does not appear when you start typing, contact an administrator of the system to request that they be added

Step 2: Coordinate individual user notifications

Check both profiles to determine the setup that suits you best:

  • Option 1: Both the personal assistant and manager will receive notifications. In that case, the manager needs to activate the options for "I am the host."

  • Option 2: Only the personal assistant will receive the notifications. In this scenario, we recommend the manager deactivate the "I am the host" option so only the personal assistant, added to the recipients by default, will receive the notifications.

In the scenario below, Lindsay is the host but has deactivated all notifications. When creating a visit for his manager, Edward may send a copy of the meeting request by ticking the box on the right-hand side of the Host field:

image (3).png

We can see that he is added as a recipient for check-in and check-out notifications and that Lindsay has de-activated them in her profile:


image (4).png

For instance, he may manually add his manager to the notifications recipient field if the meeting is outside his working hours.

Please note that once assigned, the other user will be able to see you listed as their assistant.