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Navigate around the Knowledge Center


Eptura Knowledge Center

Navigate around the Knowledge Center

Using our Knowledge Center is easy ... there are different ways you can get answers to your questions.

We have designed the center to be a comprehensive resource to provide you with ongoing support for your solution. For each module and mobile app, we have created product guides, procedures, best practices, and so on, to help new and existing users develop the skills required to efficiently perform their job functions. 


Just like in your familiar search engine you can search for the knowledge. In the search enter the term or short sentence and find the knowledge that you seek.


When you first access the Knowledge Center you will see the Home page. Information on this page is categorized based on product or information type to help you easily drill down to the appropriate content.

  • Modules -  User guide articles on how to use the desktop web app.
  • Apps - User guide articles on how to use the mobile and tablet apps.
  • Onboarding  - Contains onboarding information.
  • What's New - Release notes that detail the recent changes to the product and links into the relevant articles.


After you select the appropriate module or app, a guide displays. Each guide contains articles to help you fully utilize the solution and help you perform  your job. These tabs let you navigate quickly to the articles: 

  • Guide - This lists articles along with a description, allowing you to easily select the appropriate topic.
  • Learning Paths -  This groups articles by similar process and tasks. 
  • Featured Articles - This lists the top 10 articles in four categories: Most Popular, Highest Rated, Recently Updated, and Recently Added. 
  • Article Directory - This  lists articles in alphabetic order. 

Breadcrumb Navigation

After you have drilled down to the article level, you can easily return to the Guide by clicking the Back button in your browser or using the breadcrumb path at the top of each page.  To return to a previous category, guide, or article, click the corresponding breadcrumb. 


Alternatively, you can click the Folder clipboard_e5d7c6f64882744c6b63a78f885352d6f.png  icon to display a hierarchy of articles and categories, allowing you to quickly navigate to a specific location in the site. Use the Expand clipboard_e18071787d23407129c82f5ca44e042f2.png  icon and Collapse  clipboard_e0c4fe7253c167854eef7a4adb1743005.png  icon to display or hide additional locations within the Knowledge Center.


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