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QR Codes Reading Hardware

QR code reading hardware must be connected to the access control system. Examples of readers tested by Proxyclick are listed below and any compatible QR code reader can be used. If you select a QR code reader outside of those listed below, then see Alternative QR Code Readers.

Tested QR code readers

Proxyclick has tested QR code readers from the below manufacturers so far and can confirm them as compatible with the QR code format used in our invitation emails. Following the setup guides linked below will result in a reader that works with Proxyclick QR codes.


The Suprema team have created custom firmware for the X-Station 2 reader, so it may be ordered and arrive pre-configured to work with Proxyclick QR codes. This means the reader is plug-and-play with no configuration required.

The XS2 has a built-in camera which allows for QR codes to be scanned, as well as many other functions to work with RFID cards and biometrics. Simply order and request the Proxyclick firmware: XS2-DPB-PC

Suprema X-Station 2

Suprema Setup Guide


The STid team have created a variant of the Architect Blue QR Reader that is pre-configured to work with Proxyclick QR codes. This means the reader is plug-and-play with no configuration required.

Simply order part code: ARCS-R31-AQ/PH5-3la/1- CONFR-PROX03-001 ****

STid Architect Blue QR Reader

STid Setup Guide


The Nedap NVITE has a built-in QR code scanner alongside support for various other technologies, including: BLE, NFC, RFID, smartcards, proximity cards and smartphone credentials. Simple configuration using the NVITE Configuration Tool will enable the reader to work with Proxyclick QR codes.


Download the Datasheet_NVITE_EN_v1.1.pdf

Nedap Setup Guide

International Barcode (IBC)

The Qscan range from IBC offers a variety of QR readers for installation internally, externally, and within turnstiles or speedgates.


Qscan (Indoor Version):

Qscan Mini:


IBC Setup Guide

Reader Output Format

Reader Output Format - for testing your reader

If you now have a working QR code reader, then mark the relevant items as complete on your checklist.

Important Notes

If the QR reader is also to support tokens/cards/mobile credentials, etc

This needs to be discussed with your systems integrator and the above requirements for our QR codes will need to be considered.

If you require a reader that can read mobile screens

The manufacturer must be consulted that this is possible and follow any installation advice and recommendations they can offer.

If you have any questions/issues or are unsure about the functionality or capabilities of a particular reader

Your systems integrator can use our QR code example when discussing this further with the QR code reader manufacturer. Proxyclick is unable to provide advice based on 3rd-party reader documentation or datasheets.

Readers not listed above must be confirmed by the manufacturer and tested by the systems integrator before being purchased in greater numbers for deployment.