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Proxyclick and iOffice Integration


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Proxyclick and iOffice Integration

Connect Proxyclick to iOffice for an enhanced visitor experience

Proxyclick now integrates with iOFFICE, allowing you to easily supplement iOFFICE's visitor management capabilities with Proxyclick and pass Proxyclick visitor information into iOFFICE for analytics purposes.



Integration highlights:

  • Register or pre-register a visitor in either Proxyclick or iOFFICE and the visit will be created in the other system, with visitor history available for reporting and search

  • Check-in a visitor in either Proxyclick or iOFFICE and the check-in will synchronised to the other system

  • Check-out a visitor in either Proxyclick or iOFFICE and the action will synchronise to the other system


Steps for implementation

  1. Create an admin user account in Proxyclick (one per company) and provide the username and password to the iOFFICE Customer Success team. This will require a first/last name and valid email address. We suggest using a standard naming convention such as ‘iOffice Integration’ as first/last name.


  2. In Proxyclick, add destination URL webhook in General Settings > Integrations > API and Webhooks


    1. Check the following Trigger Events: Visitor check-in, Visitor on-site, Visitor check-out, Visit created, Visit updated, Meeting deleted



  3. iOFFICE: map designated Proxyclick company ID to selected iOFFICE Visitor center.

Additional notes for integration

  • Notifications - all previously configured notification settings (email, SMS) will apply for both applications.

    • To avoid duplicate notifications, the customer should disable the appropriate notifications from within iOFFICE notifications. Notifications include:

      • registration and pre-registration confirmation emails

      • visitor check-in emails

      • SMS text to host

      • welcome email

  • iOFFICE Lobby: to use Proxyclick's kiosk instead of iOFFICE Lobby, you should disable the Lobby functionality in iOFFICE

  • Host synchronisation - the initial integration will include a manual sync of user data between the two applications for the assignment of a host during the registration process. Additional users will have to be manually added (or removed after the initial sync) by the customer in both applications

  • iOffice <> Proxyclick location mapping - iOFFICE Visitor centers allow multiple buildings to be tied to a single Visitor center. A Proxyclick location equals a single building. Each integration instance must be between a single Visitor center and a single Proxyclick location. Therefore, the customer must limit each Visitor center configuration to include only one building.

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