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About SCIM provisioning for Microsoft Entra ID

About this guide

The SCIM provisioning for Microsoft Entra ID guide is for Microsoft Entra ID administrators who want to configure user provisioning for Eptura using Eptura SCIM API. It assumes familiarity with Entra ID, basic identity management concepts, and the SCIM standard.

The key steps are provided, however, this is not a comprehensive guide. For utilizing the full potential of SCIM, please refer to the SCIM 2.0 protocol specification

Our SCIM integration supports SCIM version 2.0 and is certified for Microsoft Entra ID.


The following are required:

  • Microsoft Entra ID
  • The following values as provided by Eptura:
    • Eptura SCIM API URL
    • Long-lived SCIM token generated from SCIM Token Provider (up to 10 years).

Supported actions

When the SCIM integration between Microsoft Entra ID and Eptura is ready, the following user actions in Entra ID are also applied to Eptura users.

Action in Entra ID

Create users

Eptura requires a unique username for each user.

Delete users

Users deleted from Entra ID are marked as inactive in Eptura.

Update user attributes

Updates to Entra ID user profiles are pushed to Eptura.

Add a group

Adding a group in Entra ID creates a corresponding group in Eptura.  

Remove a group

Groups deleted from Entra ID are marked as inactive in Eptura.

Update Groups attributes

Group attribute ‘displayName’ can be updated.

Add/remove users to/from a group