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Space Panel FAQs

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Space Panel FAQs

Refer to the following frequently asked questions for information on commonly encountered questions when setting up Hummingbird Space Panels for your environment.

  1. Q. What version of iOS should I be using when setting up Space Panels on an iPad?

    The Space Panel should work on any iPad with iOS version 12.1.1 and higher due to previous versions having reported issues with the Guided Access option. If Guided Access is not used, any version 12 and up is supported. The newer the iPad, the better the app will run.
  2. Q. Do I need a specific iPad model? 

    The Hummingbird app should perform well on all iPad models, but it may look the best on a regular-sized iPad (vs the iPad mini or the iPad pro). The iPad should be continuously charging while running the app.
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