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iOFFICE Sub-Processor List

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iOFFICE Sub-Processor List

iOFFICE uses sub-processors to support the delivery of our services, including but not limited to hosting services, ongoing support, and third-party integrations. A sub-processor is a third-party engaged by iOFFICE who has or potentially will have access to data received from iOFFICE for processing activities to be carried out on behalf of iOFFICE and in accordance with customer instructions. Prior to engaging a sub-processor, iOFFICE performs due diligence audits to evaluate the privacy, security, and confidentiality practices in place and executes a written agreement to affirm the obligations assigned to the sub-processor.

iOFFICE maintains an up-to-date list of the names and locations of our sub-processors, which is included below for your convenience. 

Approved Sub-Processors
Sub-Processor Purpose of Processing Location
Microsoft Azure - South Central US Primary data center hosting for North American customers USA 
Microsoft Azure - North Central US Backup storage for North American data center USA 
Microsoft Azure - France Central Primary data center hosting for EEA and UK customers EEA
Microsoft Azure - West Europe Backup storage for EEA and UK customers EEA
AWS - US West  Primary long-term storage for logs USA
AWS - US East  Backup long-term storage for logs USA
MindTouch, Inc. Support website self-help USA 
Salesforce Support case management USA
Planhat Customer Success platform USA and/or EEA
Intercom Messaging platform used to communicate with customers USA
Twilio, Inc. Email server platform and integration for two-way SMS text messaging support USA, Inc. Optional integration to help customers build connectors to third-party services USA
Instana Application performance monitoring USA
Loggly Application performance monitoring USA
RayGun Application performance monitoring USA
Alert Logic Intrusion Detection System and log review USA
eCIFM Solutions Inc. Optional integration for floor plan drawings and connectors to third-party services USA
VergeSense Optional sensor integration USA

Alternatively, you can request a copy of this list by contacting

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