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Release Notes - Teem Web - August 2021

Teem Web - Insights data exports are now available in new Export Log

Released August 2021

Admins and Insights users can now download Insights data exports directly from the Teem Insights Dashboard. This change makes it easier to download large data sets without worrying about email attachment size limitations. Analyzing workplace utilization trends over longer periods of time or at regular intervals for all your spaces is now simpler than ever. 

You must be a Teem Enterprise customer with Insights to use this feature. Insights and data exports can be used by Admins or members of user groups with Insights access. [link to permissions]. Reservations Logs and Visitors Logs can be exported, but currently do not use this method. 

Export Data

There are two ways you can export Insights data, depending on the type of data you want.

  • Directly from Insights Reports.
  • From the Export Data menu in the Insights Navigation.

By exporting directly from individual reports, such as "How often do meetings go unattended?" you can choose which locations are included in the data download, so you only need to analyze the relevant data to your use case. The Export Data menu will export all metrics for data for all your spaces in your chosen time frame, which is beneficial if you need to aggregate all your data to use in another analytics system or combine with other data tables.

Exporting from an individual report:

Navigate to the Insights report you want to export. Scroll to find the data table and click the Export Data button. You will get a popup that directs you to the Export Log section to download your data export.

Export from Report.gif

Export from Export Data menu

If you want to aggregate the data and metrics for all spaces managed in Teem:

  1. Navigate to the Insights Dashboard, click Export Data in the left navigation menu.
  2. From here, you can see the utilization metrics for all the spaces managed within your Teem account in a single table.
  3. Click the date range at the top to open a calendar picker and select the time period for which you want to download data.
  4. Click the blue Export Data. You will get a popup that directs you to the Export Log section to download your data export.

Export from Menu.gif

Download Exported Data

Click Export Log in the left menu and you will see a list of all your unexpired exports. Data source, date parameters, export dates, and expiration dates are listed to help you identify and distinguish between multiple data sets. Click the blue ZIP link to download the file. Unzip the file to expose the CSV that can be used in Excel, Tableau, or other data analytic tool of your choice. 

Note: Files in the Export Log expire after 7 days. The utilization data in your Teem account does not expire, so you can simply re-export a date range if you need to download again.

Download Export.gif

This updated method to download Insights data exports makes it even easier for admins and Insights users to download their data to use outside the Teem platform.