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API Access: Subscribe to the Eptura Public APIs

Early Access

Early access to the Eptura Public API is by invitation only.

Providing customers access to the Eptura Public API requires actions from the customer and Eptura support. Each step depends on the previous step(s) being completed. 

See alsoRegistration and access process for Eptura Public API

Follow the steps below to access to the Eptura APIs.

Step 1. Action: Customer

  1. Open the developer portal.

The Developer Portal is currently only available to customers invited to join the Early Access Program.

  1. Complete the required details (email, password, name, etc.).
  2. Click Sign up.

Eptura API sign up page (002).png

A verification request with the subject line "Please confirm your new Eptura API account" is sent to the email address.

  1. Open the verification email and follow the steps to verify the email address.
  2. Sign in to the APIM portal.
  3. Click the Products tab.
  4. Click the required product(s) to subscribe. When subscribed, the product state in the Profile displays Submitted.
  5. Raise an Eptura service request from or contact your Eptura representative to provide the name of the submitted product(s) and ask for the submission(s) to be approved. 

Step 2. Action: Eptura

  1. The submissions are approved and the product is activated.

The product state now shows as Active in the Profile and the requested Eptura API products can now be accessed using the APIM portal.

Retrieve the Eptura API URL and OCP subscription key

To configure the integration, you need the URL and OCP subscription key. Both items are retrieved from the APIM portal. 

URL for Eptura API

  1. Sign in to the APIM portal.
  2. From the top menu, navigate to APIs.
  3. Click the API to open.
  4. From any of the API endpoints, the URL is shown under Request. 

OCP subscription key

  1. Sign in to the APIM portal.
  2. From the top menu, navigate to Profile.
  3. Click Show to display the Primary key.