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Eptura Public API

Early Access

Early access to the Eptura Public API is by invitation only.


Introduction to the Eptura Public API

The Eptura Public API service enables communication between Eptura and 3rd party systems. Eptura APIs offer a seamless solution for developers worldwide to collaborate and integrate with Eptura's workplace planning, workspace booking, and asset solutions. Our service fosters innovation and growth by providing a unified gateway.  

Whatever your existing systems and workflows, you can add Eptura to your ecosystem with our APIs.

  • Accelerate development - Customize and develop integrations with our user-friendly APIs.
  • Streamline data management - Organize and manage data across systems using our APIs.
  • Tailor workflows to fit your needs - Design personalized workflows to enhance employee experiences.

For example, integrate your visitor management system with the Eptura Workplace solution, or your building access management system with the Eptura Visitor Management system. 

The Eptura API is RESTful and utilizes JSON. The HTTPS protocol is used for communication.