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Sample Monthly Validation Cycle

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Sample Monthly Validation Cycle

Below details a sample monthly validation cycle for My Workplace.


  1. Make sure the VBS is up-to-date with any recent moves and changes reflected.
  2. Navigate to Profile Administration and the Manage Teams Tab. Filter out to show Teams with NO Administrators and assign Portal Administrators as necessary.
  3. Check to see if you need to amend the Monthly Validation Email template that you have set up. You may need to alter some dates or commentary.

Day 1

Step 1. Clear the Validation Confirmation Grid

To help Portal Administrators see which Teams they have not confirmed yet for that month, you can clear the Confirmation Grid in the Workplace Portal. This is optional and will not affect the 'last validated on' dates you see in reports. This is a visual check for your Administrators to make sure they have clarity about the validation status of their Teams.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > General.
  2. From the Configuration drop-down, select My Workplace.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Set the Audit Period Start Date to the first day of the new audit period.
  5. Click the Save button.

Step 2. Turn on Workplace Portal Editing

  1. Navigate to Admin > User Security.
  2. Click the Roles icon_roles.pngicon.
  3. Click the role (usually Workplace Portal - Basic). The Edit Role form displays.
  4. From the Add Secured Actions list, select the action My Workplace - Edit and add it into the relevant role . This allows Portal Administrators to edit and confirm their Teams.
  5. Click the Update Role button.

Step 3. Open Validation

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Profile Administration.
  2. On the Manage Administrators tab, filter out to show only Portal Administrators.
  3. Send the Monthly Validation Email to all rows.

Day 4-5

If validation is open for seven working days, around the fourth or fifth day you can do an analysis and instigate reminders.

  1. Navigate to ConfigurationProfile Administration.
  2. On the Manage Administrators tab, use the filter, filter out to see Portal Administrators only.
  3. Enter the date your validation period started in the Portal Last Confirmed Before section. This will return all Teams that have not validated in the current period.
  4. Use the Send Emails function to send a reminder email to these Team Administrators.

Day 7-8

If you have a seven working day cycle, at the close of business at this time, remove the ability to edit from the Portal Administrators.

  1. Navigate to Admin > User Security.
  2. Click the Roles icon_roles.png icon.
  3. Click the role (usually Workplace Portal - Basic). The Edit Role form displays.
  4. From the Assign Secured Actions list, find the My Workplace - Edit secured action.
  5. Click the X icon to remove the secured action.
  6. Click the Update Role button.


Following the validation, it is time to run the following reports. 

  • Validation Report: This report displays teams that have and have not validated. You can also check validation percentages for Org Units or Locations.
  • Capacity Report: This report displays you to view how well your portfolio is working to its capacity (and ratios if applicable) and how much opportunity exists.
  • High Level Building Stack: This report is a visual representation of Allocation and Occupancy.

End of the Month

Time to start your preparations for the next month, refer back to the Preparations section above.

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