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The Importance of Managing Your Data in the Cloud

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The Importance of Managing Your Data in the Cloud

Why is storing and managing your data on the Cloud so important?  This article will help point out some of the essential reasons why switching to Cloud-based storage and management is crucial in today's online world. 

One of the biggest reasons to switch is its security. It’s significantly more secure than a traditional in-house system would be.  You already have a lot on your plate, worrying about the security of your system shouldn’t have to be one of them.  There are others who care just as much about keeping your information safe as you do about maintenance.

When you choose ManagerPlus Cloud as your asset management partner, you can know that we rely on a data partner whose entire business is keeping you secure, because we care deeply about your data’s safety.

Another reason why people choose to rely on the Cloud, is its convenience, fast implementation, and ease of access.  No longer are the days of expensive, heavily involved IT costs, and frustrations associated with a lengthy installation process.  You’ll love the fact that you can use our mobile app anywhere. When your data is on the Cloud, it is accessible from wherever you have internet access.  No internet access?  No problem!  Simply continue to work from your mobile device, and when internet access is available, our mobile app will automatically upload any changes made.

 If you are in the boss’s office and need to show him a report? Using a computer, you can access your dashboard and pull up any report.

Need to access your account while at home?  With your login and password, you have the power of ManagerPlus Cloud at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One of the best benefits of managing your data on the Cloud is constant updates.  It is always staying up-to-date with bug fixes and new features are available for upgrade for your user experience. Software programmers are always tweaking their designs to better serve you and your needs.

The Cloud is constantly being worked on to include upgrades with better features, updates to increase your experience, and bug patches to respond to your comments.

 With a more budget-friendly subscription-based approach, instead of a large upfront investment, the much-needed software becomes more affordable.  This approach also allows you to have more configurable field options.

While getting software updates on PC installations is difficult and time-consuming, you will never have to waste time downloading updates or installing new versions. 

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